How Morgan Could Join Fear The Walking Dead

After much speculation and a constant hunt for clues, AMC has finally revealed its elaborate plans for that big The Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead crossover. As the two worlds collide, just who will be jumping ship to their sister show, how will it happen, and when will Robert Kirkman's expansive world get that little bit smaller?

Safe to say, it was a bit of a shock to learn that Michael Cudlitz wouldn't be combing his impressive mustache for a return as Sergeant Abraham Ford. Instead, it is long-time The Walking Dead stalwart Lennie James who will be facing off against the ravenous hordes of walkers - albeit a little earlier on in his story. So, with Morgan hopping in his very own DeLorean for a trip to the past, how will AMC cross paths between The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead?

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Morgan - The Missing Years

Morgan Jones Clear The Walking Dead

As the first non-zombie character to cross path with Rick Grimes since the outbreak - and given his various memorable returns - it is no surprise that Mogan Jones has become one of The Walking Dead's most popular characters. Now joining the hallowed ranks of series regulars, and with a season 8 arc that continues a new persona for Morgan, he is arguably one of the most interesting creations to jump from the comics to the screen. With Morgan now set for Fear the Walking Dead season 4, the most obvious question is where in Morgan's life will the crossover come.

It is a bit of a journey across the country to get from Atlanta to Texas, and fans are already questioning just how and why Morgan could find himself on Fear the Walking Dead. The timeline is already convoluted enough, but with season 4 of Fear presumably lining up with roughly season 2 or 3 of The Walking Dead, we are a long way off baseball bat-swinging madmen or the return of pacifist Morgan from season 5. This could give us a rough idea of when in his backstory the crossover will take place. When The Walking Dead first left Morgan, it was way back in the series premiere. He then popped back up in season 3's superb "Clear" as an unhinged shadow of his former self who was hiding out as a disheveled survivor surrounded by booby traps.

Morgan's trip to Texas can only logically come between season 1 and 3 of The Walking Dead, but therefore creates a problem of its own. So what, Morgan left Atlanta and randomly headed to Texas for a while, only to return to Atlanta in time for "Clear?" While it doesn't really make sense, it seems to be the route the crossover is heading. The other option is that Morgan's travels to Texas occur in the times surrounding his flashback episode with John Carroll Lynch's Eastman, but that would involve some sort of giant time skip for Fear.

Will Duane Come Along For The Ride?

Duane Jones The Walking Dead

If the crossover does come in Morgan's breakdown period, does James' crossover also warrant the return of his son Duane too? It was a shame that The Walking Dead never managed to explore the Morgan/Duane relationship, but what little we saw painted him as a great father. Originally portrayed by Adrian Kali Turner, Duane was Morgan's doomed kid who only appeared in "Days Gone By." However, with the child actor being much older than he was back in 2010, Duane's return would come with the same problems that Lost had with bringing back Malcolm David Kelley as Walt.

The likelihood is that Duane has already passed away by the time Fear the Walking Dead catches up with Morgan. Going back to the whole "Why Texas?" conundrum, Duane's death may act as the catalyst to send Morgan to pastures new. However, with the Morgan we meet in "Clear" being a deranged madman, will it be this version that Madison and co. meet on Fear? Stick-swinging Morgan the monk is all well and good, but everyone enjoys seeing James play a little crazy. Over on the main show, season 8 is currently tracking Morgan regressing into his shadowy past and embracing his violent streak, so let's hope it is this man that comes across the survivors in Fear.

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