Fear The Walking Dead's Midseason Finale Made Zero Sense

Coleman Domingo as Strand in Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Midseason Finale

Fear the Walking Dead's season 5 midseason finale made zero sense, and it ended up being quite anticlimactic because of the writing (and story) issues. Admittedly, Fear the Walking Dead got off to a relatively decent start this season, and the writers and producers have even managed to introduce intriguing elements into the overarching franchise, such as irradiated zombies. But overall, there have been quite a few problems; one of them is that characters tend to say and find themselves in situations that make no sense.

Going into the Fear the Walking Dead season 5 midseason finale, viewers have been wondering if Alicia would live or die. In the previous episode, "Still Standing", Alicia didn't know if she had received a fatal dose of radiation after killing a walker that was carrying a dosimeter. On top of that, Alicia, Morgan, and Grace needed to guide the remaining walkers away from the direction of the plane, while everyone else was working against the clock to fix the plane so they could take off before the nearby nuclear power plant went into full meltdown.

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Knowing all this, this year's Fear the Walking Dead midseason finale took great leaps in narrative logic in order to wrap things up so that everyone could go back home. First off, Alicia begins the episode rightfully worried that she'll die of radiation, but since they needed to escape the area anyway, Grace essentially tells her that it doesn't matter; the same thing applied to Morgan using his stick again. After spending several episodes trying to convince everyone of the threat that the radiation posed, it was all tossed aside in this week's episode, "Is Anybody Out There?".

Alycia Debnam Carey as Alicia in Fear The Walking Dead

Disregarding the fact that Sherry has led Dwight on a wild goose chase across half of the United States, when Dwight and John start heading back to the plane, they find themselves routinely running into issues - either a car won't start or a car's gasoline had gone bad. That's when June says she'll pick them up, which is a great idea. But according to John, she's too far away - about 15 miles - and they were running out of time. So instead, Dwight and John double back to Sherry's old car, get it started, and drive to the plane themselves - and they make it back right in time. June really wasn't too far away; they just needed to heighten the drama.

While there were certainly more illogical moments, one of the things Fear the Walking Dead has now done to truly differentiate itself from the mainline Walking Dead series is that it hasn't had a true villain this season. At least, not yet. Matt Frewer's Logan was clearly being set up to be the big bad in the Fear the Walking Dead season 5 premiere, but that storyline was thrown out the window in the midseason finale. While Alicia, Morgan, and everyone else had been gone for days - if not weeks - it seems Logan readily gave the denim factory back to them the same day they returned. Hopefully, Fear the Walking Dead's new storyline is an improvement.

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