Fear the Walking Dead: Former Star Saddened by Show's Current State

Michael Greyeyes as Qaletaqa Walker in Fear the Walking Dead

Former Fear the Walking Dead actor Michael Greyeyes has expressed sadness about the current state of the show, following the departure of Kim Dickens and other cast members. Dickens' character, Madison, was revealed to be dead in the midseason finale.

In season 3, Greyeyes played the role of Qaletaqa Walker, the leader of a Native American tribe at war with the Ottos. Though originally portrayed as a formidable adversary to Madison and her fellow survivors, Walker eventually became an ally to the group. Greyeyes shared many scenes with Dickens, as Walker and Madison developed a bond over the course of season 3. After deciding to leave, Walker briefly returned to help the Clark family fight Proctor John at the dam. The character hasn't been seen since.

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In response to a fan's question about his thoughts on Dickens' exit from the series, Greyeyes posted a message on Twitter explaining that he was "shocked" when he heard she had left the show, and goes on to talk about his disappointment over the other departures. Salazar (Ruben Blades) disappeared after the season 3 finale, but may still return at some point. Another major character to die in season 4 was Nick, played by Frank Dillane. Nick was killed off in the third episode of the season.

It's certainly true that Fear the Walking Dead has changed a lot since Greyeyes was last on the show. The deaths of Nick and Madison have left the show with only one series regular from season 1, Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Madison's daughter, Alicia. Colman Domingo's Strand was a recurring character in season 1 before joining the main cast. Danay Garcia joined the series in season 2 as Luciana but was absent for most of season 3. Alicia, Strand, and Luciana are the only returning characters in the back half of season 4. The rest of the cast is made up of new characters, along with Morgan (Lennie James), the crossover character from The Walking Dead.

It's understandable why Greyeyes now finds the show unrecognizable, considering that multiple episodes in season 4 haven't featured a single returning character. Much of the focus has shifted to Morgan, John (Garret Dillahunt), June (Jenna Elfman), and Althea (Maggie Grace). The core group of survivors was recently expanded by the addition of three new members.

While the show barely resembles its previous seasons, this isn't necessarily a criticism. Critics have responded well to the show's reinvention at the beginning of season 4. Many have praised Fear the Walking Dead's new direction and are excited to see where the series go from here.

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Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead continues Sunday, September 16th on AMC.

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