Fear the Walking Dead Showrunner Says Madison Has Always Been the Lead

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark in Fear The Walking Dead season 1

Fear the Walking Dead is Madison's (Kim Dickens) show according to series boss Dave Erickson. Despite the expanding worlds and new characters introduced with old characters getting their own narrative trajectory, the showrunner reiterates that the AMC production has always been about the Clark matriarch's story.

At the start of the show's third season, we were met with a death shocker with the sudden demise of Travis (Cliff Curtis). In a sudden turn of events, the the family's pseudo-patriarch decided to sacrifice himself for the greater good of everyone that he will be leaving. Given that, Madison was thrust into the leader plate, not just for her family but potentially for all the survivors currently in Broke Jaw Ranch.

However, in a new interview with Comic Book, Erickson has emphasized that Madison was always going to be the central figure in Fear the Walking Dead regardless of Travis' longevity in the series:

"I think there was a version of the story in which we didn't lose Travis until later. I think one of the positives, and there's certain pros and cons, regardless, but what it forced us to do is really have Madison arrive. . . Kim [Dickens] is number one on the call sheet, and she's always been, in my mind, she's always been our lead and our anchor. From a story perspective, the loss of Travis forced her to double down on the ranch and on this family. On the Ottos, even though there's a lot of ugliness and violence that goes with Troy and as the season progresses, also goes with Jeremiah. But it really forced her hand and made her embrace this place as a home. And she becomes hell-bent on ensuring that it stays that way. So there is that, but yeah, it opened up more story."

Fear the Walking Dead Travis and Madison

In the nail-biting two-parter midseason finale, Madison has fully asserted her position in the Broke Jaw Ranch by executing the murder of Jeremiah Otto, Sr. (Dayton Callie). Despite the fact that it was Nick (Frank Dillane) who actually did the dirty deed, it was his mother who really pushed for it. Otto, Sr.'s head was offered to Walker’s Native American clan on the facade that the rancher killed himself for the greater good. The plan, fortunately, worked - resulting to a peace pact between the two conflicting groups. But Erickson has previously warned that Madison, as well as, Nick would have to watch their backs in case their little secret gets out resulting to brothers Troy (Daniel Sharman) and Jake (Sam Underwood) coming after them.

As Fear the Walking Dead is an offshoot of the popular The Walking Dead series, the comparison between Madison and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) cannot be helped. Does it mean, however, that she will also be technically safe from biting the bullet in the series? No one knows. If the comparison with Rick serves true, then Madison could be around until the spin-off finally bows out from the airwaves.

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 has currently hit its mandatory hiatus but the remaining half of the season is already scheduled to start airing in September. Meanwhile, fans can expect new details and possibly even a first look at its upcoming episodes later this month in San Diego Comic-Con, where the show, as well as its parent series, will be hosting a panel.

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Fear the Walking Dead season 3 continues on September 10th.

Source: Comic Book

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