Fear The Walking Dead Explains TWD's Mystery Helicopter Group (Sort Of)

Isabelle and the Helicopter in Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead's latest episode provided some new details on the mystery helicopter group, currently referred to as the CRM organization. Ever since the first season of The Walking Dead, helicopters have played an integral role in keeping fans interested in what's happening in the rest of the world. First, it was a helicopter that Rick Grimes saw while in Atlanta, and then it was a military helicopter that crash-landed during The Walking Dead season 3. Then, another helicopter showed up at the end of season 8.

That one - or, at least another one like it - ended up taking Rick away in The Walking Dead season 9, which will eventually lead into the Walking Dead movies AMC has planned. At the same time, the series also confirmed the popular "A" theory, but beyond that, not much was known about the people piloting the helicopters. Although the mystery originated on The Walking Dead, it's yet another element that has since transferred over to Fear the Walking Dead. And while there's a lot we still don't know, audiences did learn more about what the CRM organization is in this week's episode.

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Fear the Walking Dead season 5, episode 5, "The End of Everything" introduces Isabelle, a member of the CRM organization (otherwise known as the three circle group), and she temporarily takes Althea captive. While Isabelle resupplies and searches for Althea's videotape, the two of them discuss key details about their lives with each other. Isabelle reveals that her group, which she chooses not to name at this time, is responsible for safeguarding the future.

Maggie Grace as Althea in Fear the Walking Dead

Isabelle and the three circle group (or CRM organization) are attempting to restore what was lost, one bit a time. So that means installing a water filtration system, perhaps in addition to establishing things like steady food supply, electricity (or some form of energy), and even alcohol production. They're also technologically advanced to have to ability to send reclamation teams on the fly and equip their people with anti-zombie gear. At the moment, small teams from this group are traveling the country, searching for supplies in order to rebuild society, and they won't let anyone get in their way, including their own people.

Isabelle killed her partner and friend, Beckett, because he broke protocol, and she's willing to give up her life in order to make sure the mission continues. On the outside, it would seem that this group is the Commonwealth, but that may not be the case. Isabelle gives off the impression that the CRM organization is military-esque, and their operation appears to be more covert; they don't seem willing to accept outsiders at this time, unless they're an "A". Plus, it doesn't sound as if they have their own baseball season like the Commonwealth people do.

"The End of Everything" is the first step in uncovering more about the CRM organization. Perhaps audiences will learn where this group is located as well as what it's called, but for now, they'll have to settle with the fact that they are the future, and our heroes are the past. Furthermore, thanks to the six-year time jump in The Walking Dead season 9, it's unlikely that the flagship series will focus any more attention on this mysterious helicopter group. Instead, Fear the Walking Dead might become that outlet - unless, of course, AMC saves everything for the Walking Dead movies.

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