Fear the Walking Dead Showrunner Addresses Latest Character Death

Following last night's episode of Fear the Walking Dead, showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg address the death of Jim (Aaron Stanford), who sacrificed himself to save Morgan (Lennie James) and the other survivors. After Morgan and his group were trapped in a hospital, Jim was bitten by a zombie. Though bitter about the circumstances of the bite and initially reluctant to help anyone, Jim sacrificed himself by stepping off the edge of a building. His death provided a distraction so that Morgan and the others could escape a hoard of zombies.

Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead introduced a slew of new characters to replace the many survivors that were killed in the previous season. The group took another hit with the deaths of Madison (Kim Dickens) and Nick (Frank Dillane), who had been series regulars since the show premiered. The back half of the season saw Morgan and his group cross paths with three more characters: Jim, Sarah (Mo Collins), and Wendell (Daryl Mitchell). Sarah and Wendell were trying to force Jim to give him his famous beer recipe, until Morgan agreed to take them all to Alexandria, the place where The Walking Dead is set.

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In an interview with Comic Book, Chambliss and Goldberg talked about Jim's reluctance to help and his last minute decision to make a difference. Jim was a selfish character ever since his introduction, and this persisted even after he was bitten. According to Chambliss, this doesn't change until Jim sees the group's efforts to work together in getting Morgan off the roof of the hospital with a fire truck.

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It's only then Jim really realizes he doesn't want to go out as this selfish guy. Morgan said, 'You can choose how you die,' and he chooses to go out a hero. And not just a hero by jumping off the roof and causing a distraction to lure walkers away from our other characters, but he also imparts a beer recipe, that he thinks is going to become so important to the future of humanity, to Sarah.

Jim's short journey on Fear the Walking Dead came to a sad yet uplifting end, as the character was able to put aside his bitterness and die as a hero. Sarah, who never got along well with Jim, even decided to name his beer recipe after him.

Unfortunately, after Jim turned, his zombie was found by Martha (T0nya Pinkins), who will now use Jim to pursue her goals. Martha was captured by Alicia, but escaped during the chaos outside the hospital. Though wounded, Martha will continue to be a threat to Morgan's group, and possibly for Althea (Maggie Grace) as well, who remains separated from the others. Their battle with Martha may reach its conclusion next week in the season 4 finale.

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Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead concludes Sunday, September 30th on AMC.

Source: Comic Book

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