Fear The Walking Dead Confirms Daniel Salazar Knows TWD's [SPOILER]?

Fear the Walking Dead's Daniel Salazar and Abraham Ford

Fear the Walking Dead may have just hinted that Daniel Salazar knows The Walking Dead's Abraham Ford - and it's all because of a cigar. Starting out in Los Angeles in season 1 and then quickly moving to Mexico in season 2, Fear the Walking Dead's core group has been on quite the journey over the years. Just like how the flagship Walking Dead series went from Georgia to Virginia, albeit only in name, Fear the Walking Dead has moved around quite a bit as well.

Following a time jump in season 4, Fear the Walking Dead has been primarily set in Texas, the same state where Abraham Ford (played by Michael Cudlitz on The Walking Dead) had come from. When it was first announced that a character from The Walking Dead would be moving over to Fear the Walking Dead, audiences believed that person would be Abraham. But that wasn't the case. Instead, Morgan (and then later Dwight) crossed over to the companion series. However, that doesn't mean Abraham can't one day make an appearance as well.

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Daniel Salazar returns in Fear the Walking Dead season 5, and in "Skidmark", audiences get a sense of what his life has been like in the years since his disappearance. At the end of episode 4, Salazar welcomes Strand's group into his home and allows them to take whatever they want... except for a cigar. Salazar says that he's been saving that cigar for a friend, for when things get better. While he doesn't say who that friend is, it's highly likely that he's referring to Abraham Ford.

Abraham Cigars in The Walking Dead

Not only is Abraham from Texas but he's also The Walking Dead franchise's residential cigar smoker. Plus, it's worth noting that the cigar Salazar holds in "Skidmark" is remarkably similar to the cigars Abraham smokes in The Walking Dead season 6, episode 6. It's difficult to tell if they're the exact same cigars, but this wouldn't be the first time that either show has hinted at future character appearances through Easter eggs. But the question is, can Abraham appear on Fear the Walking Dead?

As fans of The Walking Dead know, Abraham was killed by Negan in the season 7 premiere, which was at least 7.5 years ago (in-universe, that is). Fear the Walking Dead, on the other hand, is still years behind the events of the mainline series, since that show's time jump wasn't as big. It's possible that Salazar met Abraham sometime before he left Texas for Washington, D.C. with Eugene and Rosita, but no matter how people look at it, The Walking Dead's timeline is messy. Unless there's another character that hasn't been introduced yet, Salazar's cigar in Fear the Walking Dead is most likely for Abraham.

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