Fear The Walking Dead Crossover: Will One Series' Hero Become The Other's Villain?

Kim Dickens as Madison Fear The Walking Dead

Redeeming Madison

It is safe to say that Madison isn't the most well-received character to grace Kirkman's apocalypse, and the Alpha twist could really redeem the character. From Dickens' performance herself to the character's questionable decisions, there is something that hasn't quite clicked with some Fear viewers and its de facto lead. If you look over at The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln's performance as Rick Grimes is almost universally praised, and although Rick has done some bad things, he is still a fan-favorite among Dead-Heads. Admittedly, Fear is much younger, but to know that Madison will eventually become this twisted villain might nudge fans to get behind her. Look at HBO's Westworld - its first season shocked with the twist that a fan favorite character was simultaneously a ruthless villain. There was something tragic about the revelation that Jimmi Simpson's lovable hero was heading down this dark path, and it just might work for Madison too.

From the moment Madison swung that hammer at Troy in Fear's Season 3 finale, Erickson sealed her fate as a character that is slowly unraveling. The first three seasons may have had Madison as a loving mother, but it has also shown a woman who isn't adverse to using violence to protect those closest to her. Turning to the comics once again, Alpha's whole MO was to care for her daughter Lydia. The whole Madison/Alpha theory could also neatly tie to Alycia Debnam Carey's Alicia. If AMC does move forward to cast Dickens as Alpha, Carey could easily fill the role of Lydia - we all know that the show doesn't mind altering the source material to fit its own story.

The Alpha Female

Jadis The Walking Dead

There are of course other options, and the arrival of the riddle-talking Jadis in Season 7 put the cat among the pigeons as a possible Alpha substitute. With Jadis promoted to a series regular and surviving that bullet-strewn finale, Jadis lives to fight another day and won't be a one-shot villain - but there is a problem. The reception toward the woman with the worst haircut in the apocalypse was a little frosty, and just like Madison, fans have struggled to get on board with Jadis. Even actress Pollyanna McIntosh has championed herself to be Alpha, but would fans really support such a move? Jadis could suddenly do a U-turn to become the show's most interesting character in Season 8, but it is looking doubtful.

Elsewhere, who's to say that Alpha has to be someone we already know? If you look at the reveal of Negan, fans knew months in advance that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be stepping into the role, but the presence of Negan lingered over Season 6 without so much as a glimpse of the actor. Saving him until the Season 6 finale was a masterstroke that really worked in the show's favor. If TWD is looking to cast its Alpha, it might not also be a bad thing that it is someone completely new to the universe, but whoever nabs the part is sure to be a lucky lady.

Whatever happens, it will undoubtedly be a case of wait and see. The Walking Dead is diving head first into the "All Out War" chapter of its story, and chances are that Gimple will want to let the dust settle a little before Alpha steps up to the plate. If you look at the space between the Governor and Negan, the show doesn't need to just hop from one big villain to the next. That being said, with the skin-wearing leader of the Whisperers lurking out there somewhere, it is safe to assume that Negan isn't the only one that the Alexandria Safe-Zone survivors need to be worried about!

Fear The Walking Dead season 4 has been confirmed by AMC and The Walking Dead Season 8 airs on Sundays on AMC

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