Walking Dead Crossover Character Is All But Confirmed

The Fear the Walking Dead finale has all but revealed who from the original series will be joining the spinoff in season 4.

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It has been heavily implied Abraham will be the Walking Dead character to crossover into Fear the Walking Dead. For the past two years, the spinoff has been the little sister show of AMC's megahit mainline series. Over the course of three seasons, Fear has delivered the same thrills, chills and kills of the original, yet without the same well known, popular characters or strong ratings of the original. A week ago, however, the cable network revealed that the two different worlds of the franchise are about to converge with the announcement of a crossover set for the spinoff series.

Despite the fact that Fear started airing five years after Walking Dead, the new drama actually takes place back at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. This means that any characters that have died since season 1 or 2 of the flagship show could actually make an appearance on Fear in the upcoming crossover. Many fans have speculated that the character we'll get to see come back to life is Sergeant Abraham Ford. He was killed by Negan in a surprise turn of events during the season 6 Walking Dead finale. His death shocked a lot of people since, unlike the death of Glenn in the same scene, it changed from the comic books.

Now the theory of Abraham coming back to life on Fear has been all but confirmed thanks tonight's season 3 finale. There were a few mentions of Houston and heading up north, making the Texas city a likely candidate for season 4. The question now is whether Abraham will only have a guest spot or be a major part of Fear's return next year. Also, the finale left off with the possibility of a few deaths, so there's not telling who will actually be making the move to the Lone Star State.

Walking Dead - Michael-Cudlitz as Abraham Ford

We've already heard a little bit about the backstory of Abraham and how he spent the early days of the apocalypse surviving in a grocery store in Houston with his wife, son and daughter until they saw him murder four men and fled in fear. Abraham later found their bodies, devoured by walkers. It sounds like most of his backstory has been already told, but part of the fun will be seeing how the writers of Fear take the character and broaden his horizons.

This crossover reveal also comes on the heels of the news that the Fear’s current showrunner Dave Erickson will be stepping down after the current season and making way for two new showrunners, Once Upon a Time's Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg. Yet even more interesting is that Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple has joined season 4 of Fear as an executive producer. It seems like the two worlds of the franchise are about to collide in surprising ways and the new exec producer and showrunners are on hand to bring new life to Fear the Walking Dead as it enters its next season.

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Source: Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

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