Fear the Walking Dead May Have Spoiled Comics Storyline

As fans prepare for the return of Fear The Walking Dead, a promotional photo may just have spoiled the arrival of comic book villains the Whisperers.

Current The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple has already teased that the Whisperers will arrive on the main show at some point in the future, while having them appear on Fear first would be an interesting route to take. The Walking Dead is currently embroiled in its 'All Out War' saga with the sadistic Negan, while the next Big Bad from the comics should logically be the Whisperers and their leader Alpha. Everyone already has their theories on how/when the Whisperers could turn up on the flagship show, but turning up on Fear would provide a major curveball and a certain ratings boost.

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There have already been various releases of photos ahead of season 4, but a new image showcasing Jenna Elfman's newcomer Naomi in a sticky situation offers a new storyline for the show. The pictures have Naomi and Kim Dickens' lead Madison trapped in a watery hole and surrounded by walkers, but eagle-eyed viewers on Reddit have pointed out that these aren't your standard depiction of the undead. As well as having natural eye colors away from the zombie lenses usually used on the show, these extras also have strangely human-looking hands. For those who don't know, the Whisperers from the comics go around wearing the skin of the undead as a guise to blend in with the Walkers.

Of course, it is all speculation right now, and nosy viewers could simply be picking apart some lazy background choices, but it is certainly an idea that is worth taking note of. Fans have a long-held theory that Madison will become the dictatorial Alpha, and Fear's convenient time jump to allow for Lennie James' crossover neatly marries the idea together. One trailer for Fear The Walking Dead already showed Madison warning an off-screen nemesis that she wasn't going anywhere, and while no one knows who she is talking to yet, it could easily be the Whisperers themselves, or Madison assuming the role of their leader.

It has already been confirmed that bowl-haired Jadis will not become Alpha of the Whisperers, but who's to say that her helicopter reveal from The Walking Dead isn't a segue into Morgan's trip to Texas - and also a way for the adversaries to join the main cast of both shows? Almost since its inception, Fear has lived in the shadow of its bigger brother, but as season 4 dawns, the promise of the Whisperers just made the show a whole lot more interesting.

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Fear the Walking Dead returns Sunday, April 15 on AMC.

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