'Fear the Walking Dead' Adds 'House of Cards' Alum Sandrine Holt In Recurring Role

Sandrine Holt joins Fear the Walking Dead cast

The Walking Dead has long been a ratings winner for AMC and remains one of the most talked-about series on television right now. However, the show is about to take a bold new leap this summer with the launch of its much-anticipated spinoff/prequel series, titled Fear the Walking Dead.

AMC Network is clearly aiming to replicate the success it's enjoyed recently with Better Call Saul - another spinoff of a fan-favorite series (namely, Breaking Bad) - and looks to be assembling the right pieces in place to do just that. Fear the Walking Dead will focus on a new set of characters based in Los Angeles - with solid character actor Cliff Curtis (Trauma, Gang Related) and Kim Dickens (Deadwood, Treme) leading the charge. Today, we can report that another recurring cast member has been added to the show's ensemble.

Deadline is reporting that Sandrine Holt will take on the recurring role of Dr. Bethany Exner in Fear the Walking Dead. There's not yet any indication about how the character will fit in with the previously announced character lineup, but there's certainly plenty of story opportunities for a medical professional to contribute to a story about a zombie infection breaking out for the first time among the general population.

Holt has appeared on a number of hit series, including The L Word and 24. However, she is perhaps best known for her more recent television work on A&E series The Returned and House of Cards, on which she played the role of Gillian Cole. She's also taken part in genre fare on the big screen, having played supporting roles in supernatural action sequel Underworld: Awakening and video game adaptation Resident Evil: Apocalypse - and in July, she'll add the sci-fi action sequel Terminator: Genisys to her body of work.

Sandrine Holt joins Fear the Walking Dead cast
Sandrine Holt will be among those who 'Fear the Walking Dead'

The vague description of Holt's part on Fear the Walking Dead makes it hard to really say how integral to the show she'll be - or even how long she'll be sticking around. After all, this is a near-future where flesh-eating creatures roam the Earth, and the parent series isn't exactly shy about killing characters off.

Besides, although a doctor among the new cast of characters could prove useful, it would be all too easy to ratchet up the drama and tension than introducing and subsequently eliminating the one person with the necessary medical skills to tend to the sick and wounded. Point being, whereas we expect the characters played by Curtis and Dickens to hang around for a while on Fear the Walking Dead, Holt's fate seems more up in the air.

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Fear the Walking Dead premieres in summer 2015 on AMC.

Source: Deadline

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