• Fear the Walking Dead's latest episode appears to be setting up a major character's death. 1 / 7

    Poster for Fear the Walking Dead season 5
  • Alicia's death! 2 / 7

    Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark in Fear the Walking Dead Vertical
  • Earlier this season, Grace issued a grave warning to the group... 3 / 7

    Karen David as Grace in Fear The Walking Dead vertical
  • avoid any walkers with dosimeters on them, for they may be irradiated. 4 / 7

  • In "Still Standing", however, Alicia unwittingly killed a walker with a dosimeter... 5 / 7

    Zombie on Fear the Walking Dead season 5
  • ...and his blood splattered all over her. Whether or not she's been exposed to radiation remains to be seen. 6 / 7

    Lennie James in Fear the Walking Dead season 5
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