New ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Teaser & 'Walking Dead' Season 6 Images

Fear the Walking Dead Teaser

Thus far, the summer of 2015 has been a strong one for the world of television. From Mr. Robot to UnREAL and Hannibal, it seems like audiences are being handed one new or returning darling after another. However, none of these have been ratings smashes… but that all may soon change.

Later this month will see the series premiere of AMC’s “companion series” to its biggest hit, The Walking Dead, in Fear the Walking Dead. So, naturally, the network has just premiered an all new promo (seen above) to get fans hyped for the long awaited series.

When it was first announced, many seemed certain the “summer” premiere of Fear the Walking Dead was going to come sometime around June or July. However, in hindsight, it makes sense why the debut episode was held until August. By premiering so late in the season, AMC will be able to take the six-episode first season all the way to October, where it can hand the baton to The Walking Dead. Really, this first set of episodes is just meant to introduce the world we’re going to be spending a lot of time in. For proof, one needs to look no further than the recent announcement that Fear the Walking Dead's already ordered second season would consist of 15 episodes.

Zombie The Walking Dead Season 6

More than likely, season 1 will focus on character introductions and the crumbling of Los Angeles, while season 2 will focus on the immediate aftermath of what happens once a major metropolitan city falls as a result of the zombie apocalypse. Ultimately, that’s where the show is going to have to live on a permanent basis. L.A. can’t keep tumbling for 6 years. Eventually, the city needs to get to the place it would logically be when Rick wakes up in Atlanta, and that’s not a long-term journey. The real question is: What kind of stories are there for Fear the Walking Dead to explore in the long-term that haven’t already been tackled by The Walking Dead itself? That’s going to be the thing keeps audiences most intrigued over the course of the next two seasons.

In addition to seeing the lights go out in the City of Angels, the network also made public a new set of photos from the upcoming sixth season of its flagship drama, The Walking Dead. These new images not only include a good look at Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and Maggie, following the events of the season 5 finale, but they also showcase how the effects work on the undead has become more detailed and astounding since the series began.

[The images below are very graphic.]


Andrew Lincoln The Walking Dead Season 6
Norman Reedus The Walking Dead Season 6
Steven Yeun The Walking Dead Season 6
Lauren Cohan The Walking Dead Season 6

It's easy to speculate as to who or what Glenn and Maggie are pointing (and firing, by the look of that shell casing) their guns at. Is it walkers, or a threat of another kind? As far as the walkers go, the images below are plenty gruesome, but the level of deterioration seen in several of the images paints a clear picture of just how far removed from the beginning of the apocalypse Rick and the other survivors really are.

Zombie The Walking Dead Season 6
Tree Zombie The Walking Dead Season 6
Skeletal Zombie The Walking Dead Season 6
Rotting Face Zombie The Walking Dead Season 6
Knife Zombie The Walking Dead Season 6


Fear the Walking Dead premieres August 23rd at 9/8c on AMC.

The Walking Dead premieres October 11th at 9/8c on AMC.

Source: AMC

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