Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Adds Kevin Zegers

Kevin Zegers Fear the Walking Dead


Kevin Zegers Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead has been going casting spree as of late, as the zombie spinoff show brings yet another familiar face to its growing ranks with the addition of Kevin Zegers. The actor joins the already impressive list of newcomers headed to AMC's second zombie series for what, by the sound of it, is shaping up to be an ambitious fresh start for show under incoming showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg. The duo's efforts are already confirmed to feature the first crossover between the prequel and The Walking Dead, bringing over Lennie James' Morgan, and they will also bring in a slew of new characters played by Garret Dillahunt, Jenna Elfman, and Maggie Grace.

Story details for season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead aren't readily available, so naturally there's nothing specific to go on with regard to the character Zegers will be playing. But after the season 3 finale suggested the series would return to a more urban setting and left the fates of everyone but Kim Dickens' Madison Clark up in the air, its safe to assume Zegers' character will be among the survivors in Houston, which is where Ray McKinnon's Proctor John was headed when things predictably went to pot in 'Sleigh Ride'.

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Though it didn't connect with audiences, Zegers was most recently seen in ABC's Piper Perabo-led drama Notorious, and before that he took part in Gracepoint, the US remake of Broadchurch, alongside David Tennant, Anna Gunn, and Nick Nolte. He was also the lead in the historical fiction miniseries, Titanic: Blood and Steel. And while this list of roles might make you wonder whether or not Zegers has what it takes to battle hordes of the undead, he's proven himself worthy by appearing in the icy 2013 post-apocalyptic actioner The Colony, opposite Laurence Fishburne and the late Bill Paxton.

Kim Dickens as Madison Fear The Walking Dead

At present, it's hard to guess whether or not Zegers will draw from one of his previous performances for his role in Fear the Walking Dead, but as this is the Walking Dead universe, it's a good bet Zegers will be playing a hard-scrabble survivor with an affinity for guns, hatchets, or crossbows who's used to looking out for his own, and is unwilling to compromise or play nice with others when push comes to shove.

Still, the change of location and influx of new characters played by recognizable actors makes the promise of the series' return a little more tantalizing than it has been in season's past. Though connected to Robert Kirkman's incredibly popular property, Fear has never been the ratings winner that Walking Dead was – and continues to be despite its recent decline – but the new additions to the cast along with a creative shake-up behind the scenes may be its first real step since the series premiere toward following in its big sibling's footsteps.

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Fear the Walking Dead season 4 premieres in 2018 on AMC.

Source: Deadline

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