Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Sets June Premiere Date

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 details

AMC has announced that season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead will hit TV screens on Sunday, June 4 with back-to-back episodes. The season's first half will consist of eight episodes, with the first half finale taking place over back-to-back episodes airing on July 9. That's eight episodes worth of zombie mayhem packed into just six weeks. And it's only a couple months away.

The Walking Dead wrapped up season 7 with a brutal showdown between Negan and Rick in Alexandria, setting up even more warfare to come in season 8. Given everything that happened in season 7, from the harrowing premiere to tons of character introductions and weeks of sometimes-confounding build-up to the bonkers last 20 minutes of the season finale, some fans may be forgiven if they're feeling a little strung-out and in need of a break. But for those who just can't get enough Walking Dead, and simply can't wait to plunge back into that grim, death-filled world, there's more around the corner, as the zombie apocalypse will be absent from AMC for only a brief time.

We have already learned that season 3 will be the last hurrah for Fear the Walking Dead showrunner David Erickson who is moving on to develop other projects at AMC. Erickson co-created the show along with Robert Kirkman and has been the showrunner from the beginning, so his departure will represent a pretty big shakeup.

Nick and Luciana from Fear the Walking Dead

As you may recall, the season 2 finale of Fear the Walking Dead saw some major developments for the core group of survivors as well. After convincing Alejandro to evacuate, Nick and Luciana fled the community and headed north rather than face off against Marco and his bandits. Meanwhile, Travis, Madison, and Alicia were forced to leave the hotel after Travis broke a major rule, and set off for the community in search of Nick only to find him already gone.

Thanks to an early synopsis we already have a sense of where the story will be going in season 3. Expect a reunion between Nick and the rest of his family in the U.S.-Mexico border region, some emotional turmoil for Alicia after her murder of Andres, Nick losing his sense of immortality, Strand recovering and hatching a new scheme, and Ofelia fighting to survive in captivity. And there will be zombies.

Suffice to say, The Walking Dead's little sibling is growing up fast. Even still, the series has a lot to live up to and season 3 will be a chance for the California-set storyline to redefine itself, especially now that it's losing its main creative voice.

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Fear the Walking Dead season 3 premiere Sunday June 4 @9pm.

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