Exclusive: Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Deleted Scene

Watch an exclusive deleted scene from season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead. Currently on hiatus while parent series The Walking Dead airs its eighth season on AMC, Fear The Walking Dead had built anticipation for its fourth run with the confirmation that Morgan Jones will be crossing over to the spinoff series. Franchise creator, Robert Kirkman, has also promised a significant time-jump in the forthcoming season and Maggie Grace joins the cast as newcomer Althea.

Fear's third season proved to be arguably the most critically successfully run of the series thus far and this was partly due to the addition of the Otto family. Comprised of Jeremiah and his two sons, Troy and Jake, the Otto Ranch story created an interesting conflict between a group of heavily-armed racist survivors and a band of Native Americans under the belief the Ranch was rightfully theirs. While Jeremiah and Troy were military minded, aggressive and morally questionable, Jake was a more balanced individual trying to keep the peace and often siding with Madison Clark and her fellow protagonists.

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Screen Rant can now exclusively reveal a deleted scene from the opening episode of Fear The Walking Dead season 3, "Eye of the Beholder" that will be included as an extra when the season 3 box-set is released on March 13th via Lionsgate. The scene takes place while Troy is holding the Clark family hostage at his military compound and performing experiments to see how quickly infected humans turn into the living dead. This particular exchange sees Troy clash with both Travis (R.I.P) and Nick, with the detainees attempting futile resistance against their imprisonment.

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The scene is particularly interesting when viewed in the knowledge that Nick and Troy actually become very close friends towards the end of the season. Troy's jibe that Nick is not a "doer" could even be seen as foreshadowing their eventual fate, as Nick acts decisively to save his former captor on more than one occasion.

Another interesting element in the scene is the relationship between Nick and his step-father, Travis. As one might expect, there was often some tension between the drug-fueled youngster and his Mom's partner, even if a mutual respect did exist between them on some level. Nevertheless, it's worth noting that Nick attempts to trade his own life for Travis', before trying the same trick with his injured love interest, Luciana.

This could potentially be why the scene was cut from the finished episode. While the exchange between Nick and Troy is undoubtedly intriguing, the fact that he appears to prioritize Travis over Luciana is somewhat at odds with Nick's characterization. Alternatively, the sequence could have been consigned to the cutting room floor in order to make Troy's eventual friendship with Nick more of a surprise for viewers, instead of hinting towards this turn of events from the outset. On the other hand, maybe they just needed to shave a few minutes off the run-time.

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Fear The Walking Dead season 4 premieres on April 15th on AMC. Season 3 is out on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital on March 13th.

Source: Lionsgate

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