Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Video Teases the Show's 'Expanded' Setting

Much like how AMC's The Walking Dead began in Atlanta before branching out to other cities along the East Coast, spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead has taken the Los Angeles survivors out on the road in season 2. Yet instead of sticking together like in the original series, each member of the Clark-Manawa family has pretty much decided to venture out on their own. And in the second half of season 2 due out in a few weeks, they'll become even more separated than before.

When we last saw Madison, Travis, Chris, Nick, Alicia and the rest, they were all split up and dealing with their own different problems within the zombie apocalypse. Travis had decided to not come back to the group, instead setting off for parts unknown with his troubled son Chris. And Nick had chosen to believe that the undead are just a new beginning for humanity. The family dynamic that Fear the Walking Dead relied on for its original premise has been all but shattered.

Now a new promo for the return of season 2 shows just how divided they've all become. But will this change will also open up the series creatively? Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd explains that while some viewers had complained about the spinoff's leisurely pace, it sounds like Fear is going to ramp up very soon.:

 "Now that the world has expanded, we can tell greater stories. We can explore different communities. And there are now, not only more infected, but in order to survive the stakes are even greater."

Fear the Walking Dead poster and trailer

The Walking Dead tended to explore who we are as humans versus who the zombies have become, but the spinoff has instead prided itself on who we become as people in the face of adversity. Starting off at the very beginning of the apocalypse (unlike the original series) allows us to see how these characters change. In the new episodes, we'll also get to see Alicia on her own for the time, as well as Ofelia on the edge of sanity after losing both her parents. And Strand and Madison will be fighting their own demons.

Of course, there is still the external fight for survival, too. Along the way, they'll make new friends and enemies that will present their own challenges. Hurd ominously teases that each character's journey is far from over: "People will resort to much more violent measures. Some rise to the occasion and some fail..." Who will live and who will die has always been the allure of watching Fear the Walking Dead, and the series is about to get even messier now that they're all out in the world.

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 continues on AMC on Sunday, August 21st @9pm.

Source: AMC

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