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The first season of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead, the spinoff of cable’s most popular show, The Walking Dead, faced stiff competition; namely, competing with the expectations of its parent show, before it built to a tense and horrifying finale. Yet FTWD turned out to be a claustrophobic little show which had its own flavor, while also introducing fans of both series to a more intimate portrait of the beginning of the end. Shambling into season 2, the show will continue to portray the early days of the zombie apocalypse and possibly delve deeper into the origins of the walker plague with its 15 new episodes kicking off on April 10.

Although fans of both shows who'd like to see a crossover between the two undead potboilers will be disappointed, due to the askew timelines, the second season of Fear The Walking Dead will still have plenty of twists and turns. It will also add a few more characters into the mix.

According to TVLine, one of those fresh faces will be Dougray Scott (Hemlock Grove). The role will be that of a recurring character, but details on who the character actually is are being kept under wraps. It’s possible he’ll be playing a man named Casey, described in a casting sheet as "a decent man who believes in civility," who is also apparently thrust "into an unexpected position of authority." The breakdown also described Casey as someone who reluctantly accepts the "necessary violence" required in the newly devolving world. That's not a lot to go on, as that seems to be the arc of several characters in either series -- but given that this is still the early days of the end of the world, perhaps the series will find a unique angle to take on Scott's character.

Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead’s finale led into what was essentially the beginning of The Walking Dead, which both watered down the more constrictive yet effective narrative and also released the massive tension build-up from the previous five episodes. Obviously, as fans of its parent series know, it doesn’t take much to ramp up the action, and the second season promises more post-apocalyptic horror, as fans witness the earliest stages of human degradation in the now dog-eat-dog world.

Although there are no guarantees as to whether Scott’s role is that of Casey, or how he’ll fit into the ragtag bunch of survivors, the producers could go in many different directions with his character. Fans of The Walking Dead have seen apparently good characters like Carol stray from their values, as well as bad characters, like Merle, face redemption. Even Fear The Walking Dead introduced characters like Travis, who believed in peaceful coexistence, yet found their core values decimated in the face of societal decline. And with an ever-grayer world coming, Dougray Scott’s entry into the show could easily culminate in another Rick Grimes or another Governor.

However, no matter what Scott’s role is, the show has a tough road ahead of it. Leaving behind the oppressively close quarters of its first season, Fear the Walking Dead will have to define itself as its own brand of undead entertainment, all while living up to the name The Walking Dead. Of course, having a high caliber actor like Dougray Scott onboard certainly won’t hurt its chances.

The season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead will premiere Sunday, April 10th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Source: TVLine

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