Fear the Walking Dead Releases New Season 2 Art For SDCC

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2B Poster

Comic-con is the time of year when studios and television networks roll out some of their best stuff in an attempt to leverage the general hype surrounding the event and to get a few extra eyeballs on their upcoming releases. This year, AMC plans to attend the Con with four of its most comic-friendly shows – The Walking Dead, Preacher, the upcoming Geeking Out with Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg, and, of course, its zombie-filled spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead. Since Fear is set to return for the second half of its second season – or season 2B as some like to call it – a month after Comic-Con, the network has seen fit to get attendees (and loyal viewers at home) excited about the show by releasing a new poster and two new images from when the series returns.

The first half of season 2 spent the latter part of its seven episodes with Travis, Madison, Nick, Strand, and the others as guests in a vast compound in Mexico. While they were there, the tenuous alliance that had been struck amongst the survivors began to fall apart, with loner Nick striking off on his own after the compound burst into flames, thanks to his mother's grievance with Celia, the matriarch of the not-so-safe safe haven that Strand had promised would welcome his crew with open arms. In the end, the group was in shambles, as Travis ran off to take care of his son Chris, while Madison, Alicia, and Strand found themselves fleeing a horde of zombies that helped bring the compound to ruins.

The switch in locales from Los Angeles in season 1 to the open seas in the first half of season 2 to, finally, the compound in Mexico gave the series a much different flavor than its older sibling. And as season 2 is preparing to start up again, the Mexican and Mexican American influences are seen in the new poster that depicts a skull that's decorated in the style seen in the Day of the Dead celebrations being manhandled by the undead. The image is evocative of the themes of the show, while also being representative of the diverse cultures the series depicts in both its geographic locations and its cast.

Walkers Fear the Walking Dead Season 2
Walkers - Fear of the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
Frank Dillane Fear the Walking Dead Season 2
Frank Dillane as Nick Clark - Fear of the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

In addition to the stylish new poster art, AMC has released two new images. While the first image depicts a collection of zombies, presumably shambling off toward some tasty snack off screen, the actual value of seeing the dead – and from the looks of it, recently dead – is somewhat moot at this point. The other image, however, is a different story. Although it has much less actually going on visually, the other photo may be much more important for fans of the series. When Fear the Walking Dead took its midseason break, Nick was seen alone and covered in gore just outside the compound. While he hasn't changed his shirt since then – which is probably a good idea – the image shows that Nick doing just fine on his own, and seemingly heading someplace far from where he last saw his mother and sister.

It may not be incredibly revealing, but it does suggest that, like The Walking Dead before it, Fear will have its characters once more in search for sanctuary after spending the previous episodes finding out the last place they found wasn't such a good fit after all.


Fear the Walking Dead returns with on Sunday, August 21 @9pm on AMC.

Photos: Richard Foreman Jr./AMC

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