This week’s season 2 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead took fans out by sea to unravel new mysteries that left off with the explosive season 1 finale. But while we wait for the next episode, AMC has decided not to let fans get complacent by releasing an all-new side-scrolling mobile game with all the haunting elements that kept viewers on their toes this week.

Out now by AMC and Versus Evil, Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run is animated entirely in black-and-white, with a foggy overcast that makes the game just ominous enough for the occasional jump scare. A cast of characters is at your command as your battle through hoardes of walkers to try and find a way to safety.

Available for iOS, the game is much like several other Walking Dead-inspired games, is segmented into episodes — but in this respect, they function more as chapters than anything else. There are three, and the game promises to add more unseen detail to previous events in the show. Dead Run is a side-scrolling runner, and aims to take players across several familiar landscapes familiar to the show’s infected and decaying Los Angeles — from school yards to the abandoned church, there’s plenty to see as you run from the undead. The game’s strategy seems to rely on timing, with the official description stating, “shoot too much and you’ll slow down. Don’t shoot enough and you’ll be overtaken.”

Fear the Walking Dead Dead Run Game Fear The Walking Dead Mobile Game Releases Alongside Season 2 Premiere

Outside of the interesting art style and a new take on side-scrolling action, the game’s best features might be the fact that playable characters are only available for as long as they survive on the show — so if you don’t unlock someone before they kick the bucket, you’ll never get the chance to have them on your roster again. This might allude to future episode updates, but nothing else concerning the game is confirmed or announced at the moment.

Out of every television show out now (save for, perhaps, Game of Thrones) The Walking Dead has done a stellar job with expanding its universe through video games especially. The most recent game before this, The Walking Dead: Michonne, was a thrill ride with an impressive story that offered a better look at one of the most interesting characters in the franchise. While Fear the Walking Dead is still finding its legs with some fans, this new game is reminiscent of another horror-genre favorite — Limbo — which may make it appealing to some fans. Dead Run seems great for the lore-loving fan who enjoys learning every detail of the story, or for the Fear the Walking Dead die-hard with a lengthy commute ahead of them.

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Fear the Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘We All Fall Down’ @9pm on AMC.

Source: AMC

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