Fear the Walking Dead Midseason Finale Spoilers Discussion

Daniel Sharman in Fear the Walking Dead

There's a showdown coming on Fear the Walking Dead. It's the same kind of showdown that usually affords the franchise its real, non-zombie-related conflict. Two groups of survivors, no longer accountable to the laws of society, have set their sights on one another and what they have. Sanctuary and supplies are now the only things that matter, and as the characters who populate both shows have demonstrated time and time again, they're very good at finding and fighting over both.

After the shakeup that was Cliff Curtis's surprise exit in the two-hour season 3 premiere, Fear the Walking Dead looks to end the first half of the season with a conflict between the Ottos of Broke Jaw Ranch and Qaletaqa Walker – the leader of the group who ultimately showed Curtis's character Travis the door.

It's the sort of conflict that promises plenty of gunplay and bloodshed, and, as is the case for the Walking Dead franchise, the deaths of some significant characters. With the core cast down to the Clark Three (Madison, Alicia, and Nick), while Strand is off with the surprisingly not dead Daniel, it seems unlikely that the show will see it's already diminished players cut down even more, so who's on the chopping block in the two-hour midseason finale?

Feel free to discuss the events of 'The Unveiling/Children of Wrath' in the comments section.

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Fear the Walking Dead will return with the second half of season 3 later in 2017.

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