Hulu Makes Deal for 'Fear the Walking Dead' & 'Seinfeld' Online Episodes

The Walking Dead spinoff officially titled Fear the Walking Dead

There is no "traditional" way to watch TV anymore. Ever since Netflix and other Subscription Video on Demand services began to gain traction, the term binge-watching has become more and more popular as the way most consumers view seasons of their favorite shows. This is why some have debated if the continued use of the Nielsen ratings are accurate representations of the amount of viewers anymore, and why quality original programming has become so popular - an increased level of accessibility.

While titans like Netflix and Amazon Prime have been juggernauts of the SVOD services these past few years, Hulu has been steadily growing ever since its debut (and Hulu Plus seems to be becoming a more popular service with each passing quarter). With the company already on a tear of programming acquisitions these past few months, Hulu may have just made their largest and wisest deals to date.

AMC and Hulu have announced today a massive new partnership that consumers will begin to see take effect within the next few months. The SVOD service will now have exclusive rights to not only episodes of the upcoming Walking Dead spin-off - Fear the Walking Dead, but also all new and upcoming scripted programming from AMC, SundanceTV, IFC, BBC America, and We TV. Hulu will also begin streaming various films from the IFC film collection, and all series on AMC networks will be available on the service prior to their subsequent season premieres throughout the year.

Hulu's CEO, Mike Hopkins, commented on the announcement with the following:

“AMC Networks has an incredible reputation and track record in producing captivating storytelling across a variety of genres for true connoisseurs of television. This huge partnership guarantees that Hulu viewers will soon be able to enjoy the newest slate of premium programming from some of the top cable networks.”

Ed Carroll, AMC Networks' CEO added:

“We believe in the combination of compelling content and technology to engage audiences and deliver viewers back to the linear television experience. AMC Networks has been the original home of some of the most popular shows in the history of online streaming, and we are excited about this new partnership with Hulu, a growing company that has created a network-branded environment for content in a highly competitive space.”

That's not all though. In another landmark deal - Hulu has also acquired the SVOD licensing rights to all 180 episodes of Seinfeld in a massive deal with Sony Pictures TV. Each episode is said to have cost somewhere close to $875,000 - bringing the estimated total for the entire series to around $180 million dollars. This deal is massive not only in the money spent, it will also be the first time the entirety of Seinfeld has ever been available on a streaming platform. The series is said to hit Hulu this June.

These new acquisitions continue to prove Hulu's push towards aggressive expansion in their content, while trying to match competitors like Amazon Plus and Netflix who have been growing at startling rates within the past few years. With the entirety of AMC's streaming future, in addition to their already existing content and original programming, Hulu has become an even larger SVOD giant just in the past few hours alone.

The Seinfeld announcement resembles Netflix's acquisition of the library rights for Friends last year - a decision which is said to have worked out well for the corporation. So now - along with their February deal with CBS TV for over 300 episodes of CSI - Hulu is quickly becoming not only a place to watch the latest episodes of some of today's most popular programs, but also a place to kick back, relax, and take a trip down memory lane.

Source: Variety

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