Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 Part 1 – Fear Prepares for Takeoff

While fans of Fear the Walking Dead were treated to the finale of the six-episode companion to AMC's flagship series, they were also given their first look at Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462, a web series that takes place over the course of one flight – one very tense flight, if the first clip is any indication.

Fight 462 will be broken into 16 installments, each running around the 90-second mark. The plan will be for the episodes to air during commercial breaks of The Walking Dead season 6, starting October 11. This being a web series, the episodes will also be made available online and on the new AMC app.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Flight 462 takes viewers back to the verge of the outbreak that brings about the collapse of society and turns the population into flesh-hungry hordes of the undead. This particular story follows a group of anxious airplane passengers who discover one among them is infected, thereby putting the entire flight at risk. Given that people in The Walking Dead universe are prone to making sound decisions and acting rationally when faced with adversity, there is no doubt Flight 462 is going to offer its passengers a safe, calm flight that will land without incident.

Fear The Walking Dead Flight 462 AMC

Actually, the stressed-out characters of the first clip make it seem as though this flight doesn't even require the presence of the undead in order to be doomed. In fact, although there's little information to go on, the flight appears to be one of the last being cleared for takeoff, suggesting the events of 462 take place relatively close to the end of Fear season 1. Perhaps the plane that Kim Dickens' character saw wobbling in the sky during 'Not Fade Away' is the flight this series will depict.

Some might question why this series is necessary, since Fear the Walking Dead already tracks the early stages of the initial outbreak. And while that is a reasonable question to pose, there is one specific component that may be enticing to viewers – beyond the initial appeal of seeing a zombie on an airplane, that is. As it turns out, one of the survivors of the supposedly ill-fated flight will become a part of Fear the Walking Dead's ongoing cast, as the series shifts from 6 to 15 episodes in season 2.

So, you can now start your guesses as to which passenger is the lucky carrier of the zombie virus, and which one will be joining Fear when season 2 rolls around in 2016.

According to an official release from AMC, "The series is written by L. Signorino and Mike Zunic and directed by “Fear” director of photography Michael McDonough."


Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 will air weekly during episodes of The Walking Dead. It will also be available online at

Source: AMC

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