Fear the Walking Dead Casts Buffy's Emma Caulfield For Season 3

Emma Caulfield as Cameron Chase in Supergirl

AMC's Fear the Walking Dead has two full seasons under its belt with a third one on the way. The season 2 finale left plenty of its characters in an increasingly precarious position, as the early days of the zombie apocalypse have turned about as rotten and unpleasant as the undead themselves. The situation for the show's West Coast characters is, in many ways, worse than for those on its sister show The Walking Dead. After six-and-a-half seasons, at least Rick and his permanently sweaty collection of survivors have turned the corner on trying to establish some sense of a new community, whereas it's definitely dark days ahead for the California crew.

Those dark days call for new allies if Travis, Madison, Nick, Alicia, and Strand are going to continue to survive. But they also call for some new adversaries to challenge the group along with the ever-expanding army of the undead. Last season that meant adding Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible 2) in a supporting role that was essential to Strand's character, and to the story unfolding during the first seven episodes. As is usually the case on AMC's zombie-apocalypse shows, however, things didn't go so well for Thomas Abigail or anyone else for that matter and the cast found themselves scattered into a several different storylines.

Although Scott's role was small, and took place mostly in flashback, it demonstrated how the series could pivot the overarching narrative on a guest spot just like that. That may well turn out to be what the producers have planned now that former Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor Emma Caulfield has joined the cast for season 3. As reported by TVLine, Caulfield is set to join those battling the undead. So far there's no word on who she's playing, but the report suggests Caulfield may take on a villainous role as the woman in charge of the group that assaulted Nick and Luciana in the season 2 finale.

Nicholas Brendan and Emma Caulfield in Buffy The Vampire Slayer

AMC isn't saying who Caulfield will play as of yet, so either the internet speculation machine will be spot on with its assessment of her villainy, or she'll wind up playing a more sedate character, like a previously unmentioned sister of Kim Dickens' Madison. Either would suit Caulfield just fine, as she's proven more than capable of handling the good and the bad since her days playing a demon in love with Xander on Buffy. The actor has kept busy since then, appearing in movies and television series, most recently Supergirl and Once Upon a Time. Caulfield will also appear in the fifth episode of CBS' Training Day.

While Fear the Walking Dead hasn't taken hold of the zombie-loving audience quite like its sister show has, its diverse cast and more urban storytelling does give those in the mood for something different what they're looking for. With Caulfield joining the ranks of the not-yet-undead, perhaps that will add to the show's appeal.

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Source: TVLine

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