Is Abraham Ford Fear The Walking Dead's Crossover Character?

With Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead heading for their very own crossover, will Michael Culditz return to his role as Abraham Ford?

AMC have announced that there will finally be a crossover between The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, and it looks like Sergeant Abrahman Ford is the man to bring two worlds of the zombie apocalypse together.

It may have only been one season since Big Red left our lives - along with Steven Yeun's Glenn Rhee - but Abraham left a giant hole in The Walking Dead that has not been filled. Whereas Glenn's on-screen death was pulled straight from the pages of Robert Kirkman's comic books, the loss of Abe was much more of a shock. Sure, he may have outlived his comic book counterpart, but Ford was stepping up as Rick's right-hand man. With Robert Kirkman wowing everyone at New York Comic-Con that the two shows will have an official crossover, a big-name character like Ford could be the perfect way for fans to dip into Fear The Walking Dead.

But is there any evidence to support Abraham crossing over? Well, for anyone watching Season 3 of Fear, they will know that the events of the two-part finale will see the survivors leave their current locale of Mexico and head North. Looking at the backstory of Ford, fans may remember that the army grunt lived in Texas around the time that the outbreak happened. With Fear being set long before the current TWD timeline, there is every possibility that Abraham is still hiding out among the cowboys and stetsons of Texas.

Secondly, Cudlitz himself sent a very cryptic tweet out around the same time as Kirkman's announcement, and teased his followers that something big was coming his way:

It could just be the former TWD star stirring the fandom pot, or it could be the best darn idea since Scott Gimple decided to kill off Andrea back in Season 3. After the crossover was announced, it didn't take social media long to figure out that AMC is possibly queuing up a pre-Lucille appearance from Ford:

While there is every possibility that someone from Fear could be taking a trip to the future in the "prime" Walking Dead series, it seems much more likely that the crossover happens on the prequel series. Not that there is anything wrong with the Fear - in fact, it is going from strength to strength - but it largely lacks those fan-favorite characters that people tune into the main show for. Sure, there are powerful figures like Madison and Strand on Fear, but even they pale in comparison to the katana-wielding Michonne, eye-patched Governor, or bat-swinging Negan. Although Abraham was one of the more "ordinary" characters from The Walking Dead, he still has enough bravado to carry the crossover on his hefty shoulders. With so much hype surrounding the two shows colliding, wouldn't fans be left a little disappointed if someone like Morales popped up on Fear, or if the return of Heath somehow involved Madison appearing on The Walking Dead?

For now at least, fans are forced to sit and wait patiently, because apart from an official crossover poster, there is no news on who will be swapping shows, how, or even when. With Fear the Walking Dead heading out on its hiatus and The Walking Dead returning for its war-packed Season 8, there is plenty to keep us busy in the meantime. Who knows though, perhaps this crossover could lead to a big Breaking Bad/The Walking Dead universe special - just imagine Nick and Alicia coming across Walter White's lab!

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