Joe Rogan Confirmed As Host Of NBC's 'Fear Factor' Revival

Fans of outspoken comedians and gross-out reality shows have reason to celebrate today, as Joe Rogan has confirmed that he'll still be hosting when Fear Factor returns to NBC's airwaves later this year.

The comedian hosted Fear Factor for all of its original six-season run, concluding in 2006. When news broke a few weeks ago that NBC intended to revive the well-loved reality show, many fans voiced the opinion that it just wouldn't be the same without Rogan's presence.

Since the end of the original Fear Factor, Rogan has continued his career as a stand-up comedian and frequent announcer/commentator for Ultimate Fighting Champion events (Rogan is himself an accomplished mixed-martial arts fighter). Fans of other kinds of cringe-inducing entertainment can see him opposite Kevin James in The Zookeeper (ZING!).

Rogan's famously abrasive personality helped define Fear Factor in its infancy. Indeed, many will remember him solely based on his public spat with fellow comedian Carlos Mencia over the ethics of stand-up comedy in 2007.

Notably, Rogan also hosted the Czech and New Zealand versions of Fear Factor, just two of dozens of international adaptations. The reality show's initial popularity and continuing staying power worldwide were no doubt factors in NBC's decision to resurrect the series. The reality boom shows no signs of stopping, and Fear Factor's bankable brand recognition may be just what the network needs to balance out more wholesome fair like The Voice and America's Got Talent.

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Rogan had this to say on returning to his former position:

"I'm looking forward to it. The idea of sitting at home and watching someone else host it would have driven me crazy. What I brought to Fear Factor the first time I hope to bring to it again - a background in competitive athletics along with being a standup comedian. This show is tailor-made for me."

NBC is fast-tracking eight episodes of the new series, hoping for a September debut. The ever-evolving world of Hollywood stuntpeople and coordinators will be well-represented, with "...much bigger falls, much faster falls. Bigger explosions, faster car stunts, bigger flips," according to executive producer Matt Kunitz.

The revival will keep the paired contestants (spouses and sweethearts, siblings, best friends, et cetera) that the original Fear Factor featured in later seasons. The most notable new inclusion will be a focus on social networks and HD, so you can watch all sorts of creepy creatures in glorious 1080p - for better or worse.


Fear Factor will air on NBC in the fall or winter of 2011.

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Source: TV Guide

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