Favreau Talks Iron Man Status

Well heck, guess I should have waited a couple of days for my Iron Man movie update post...

Over at his MySpace page (via SuperheroHype), Jon Favreau spilled forth a bunch of stuff about where the movie is right now in regards to production. I guess I can continue to hope in vain that he will stop announcing news on a MySpace forum and switch to a blog like a civilized person. ;-)

Couple of interesting things:

1. Looks like it's official that Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) is doing the FX work.

2. Sounds like there's new (comic book?) Iron Man project in the works.

3. They're tweaking the script to fit the actors.

4. He hinted that Bridges' haircut would give a clue as to who he's playing to longtime fans of the comic book. Well I'm a longtime fan and I have no idea who he's talking about. :-)

Here's the actual (quite long) quote:

"First off, the sets are all being built, the locations are locked and the cast is, for the most part, set. As you all know, RDJ, Gwyneth, T Howard, and Jeff Bridges are all on board. We've had a week of rehearsals and I'm currently working with the writers to tailor the material accordingly. Mr. Bridges has a haircut that will no doubt be of interest to any of you fans of the books. Speaking of the the books, Joe Quesada, Adi Granov and myself have been collaborating on a very cool project that you will soon be hearing about. You want to know more, pester Marvel publishing."

"Second, I am going up to visit ILM and the Ranch. I've never been and am as stoked as any of you can imagine. I love my job."

"Thirdly, Stan Winston Studios has been unveiling suits for us. Once again, they have exceeded our expectations. Those of you who follow my career know that I am very skeptical about the overuse of CGI. I am happy to report that the film will be a healthy mix of both computer generated and practical effects. My goal is to make the two integrate in a way that they usually do not."

"Lastly, this thing is huge. I've never been involved with a film this size. I've been prepping for almost a year and feel extremely confident in the enormously qualified team we've assembled. I would be lying, however, if I didn't admit that the scale of this project was daunting. I'm pretty confident that I've done and will continue to do my homework and that I'm ready, but so much is unknown. I feel like a ship's captain about to sail for the New World. Who can truly predict weather fortune or disaster awaits in the great unknown? Regardless, I thank God every day for his blessings."

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