Favreau: Iron Man Trailer Coming ASAP

Over at his Iron Man movie Myspace group, Jon Favreau has heard the cries of non-Comic-Con attending fans and has stated that he is working on getting an HD trailer out very soon. He doesn't say it will be the exact same footage, but "a version" of the footage.

"I hear you all loud and clear. You want to see the footage that we brought to SDCC. Why not post it in HD instead of having everyone download a grainy bootleg? I agree. I am trying to get a version out to you ASAP. This is a big movie, however, and it takes time to get the proper approvals from all parties involved."

"I am happy to report that both Marvel and Paramount have agreed to get a version of the footage out to you very soon. I will report the specifics when I get them. Thanks for your enthusiasm and patience."

So I'm betting it will be a bit different and more "trailer-like" than what was shown in San Diego.

I can't wait and I'll post up a link to it as soon as I hear it's online. If YOU hear about before you see it posted here, please drop me a line at the "Contact Us" link above!


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