5 Fictional Movie Teachers We Wish We Had

5 movie teachers we wish we had

With Bad Teacher Cameron Diaz hoped to add to the list of bizarre onscreen teachers we've seen over the past few decades. While it's fun to see bad people hold positions typically reserved for good-natured role models, we prefer characters whose influence is a little more positive. So while Diaz is in Home Room smashing kids' faces in with rubber balls, we will be in Room 101 with our favorite movie teachers, whose classes we wish we could enroll in next fall.

Everybody has a different take on what makes a great teacher. Some want a lazy, no-work goofball and others want a motivated and passionate instructor. We've got a little of each in the following list of five teachers we wish we'd had. There's even a bonus tutor for your off-campus study.

NOTE: The following are our five favorites, and as the title would suggest, they are all fictional, rather than coming from movies based on real-life teachers (hence why you won't find Lean on Me on here).

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