Screen Rant's Favorite Christmas Movies

"Like Die Hard, this one technically isn't a Christmas movie, but the narrative of Billy Wilder's 1960 classic, The Apartment, winds its way through the Christmas holiday and on into New Year's Eve with an equal measure of sardonic wit and clever melancholy, effectively rendering those watching grateful for everything they have. No mere romantic comedy, the film eschews sentimentality for a depiction of how, after the holiday parties and workplace gatherings are over, some are left with no particular place to go. In the case of Jack Lemmon's upwardly mobile office drone, C.C. Baxter, he spends Christmas Eve in a seedy bar, only to find Shirley MacLaine's lovely, but despondent, Miss Kubelik attempting the unthinkable, when he finally returns to his 'empty' apartment."

"Yes, there's a mordant streak running through this critique of corporate culture and the lonely plight of the wage earner – which still feels incredibly relevant – but The Apartment adroitly balances that with a brilliant tenderness that's made all the more poignant by the film's holiday setting, and Miss Kubelik's strangely affectionate last line, telling Baxter to 'shut up and deal.'"

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