Fate of the Furious Promo: The Game Has Changed

The Fate of the Furious Poster

If you had told theatergoers back in 2001, after the release of The Fast and the Furious, that the mediocrely reviewed movie would spawn an entire franchise with 7 sequels (with even more to come), becoming one of the most lucrative Hollywood franchises of all time, you would have been laughed at, but here we are.

Fate of the Furious comes out in just over a month, and the franchise has clearly undergone an evolution in the decade and a half since it first launched as you can see by the newest trailers. The "family" has grown (minus one important member, RIP Paul Walker), and they've escalated from racing for pink slips and stealing DVD players to chasing a fleet of cars including a Lamborghini and a tank across the ice with a submarine. Things have certainly changed.

The marketing campaign has been surprisingly light so far considering the popularity of the franchise and despite the release of two separate trailers, not much is known about the movie other than a glimpse of a few big action sequences (like the aforementioned submarine) and the fact that Dominic Toretto apparently turns on his crew, betraying the family that has always been the core of the movies.

The game has changed. #F8

— Fast & Furious (@FastFurious) March 4, 2017

The official Fast & Furious Twitter account recently posted a new promotional clip, and while it's not a full-blown new trailer, it provides a good glimpse of some footage that hasn't been seen before, including more evidence to something suggested in the international trailer: Dom is being coerced into going against the rest of his team by Cipher (played by Charleze Theron). The inclusion of this detail in the clip (hopefully) suggests that the truth of Dom's allegiance isn't necessarily a major twist, and viewers will be aware of why he's doing what he's doing from the start.

Aside from that reveal, the video contains a few new shots from scenes already glimpsed in previous trailers, plus a look at some non-car action both in the ground and in the air.

For a series that has progressively raised the bar with each successive installment (critically and financially), it's hard to imagine just how much more crazy things could get without sending the team to outer space, but the trailer alone shows they've successfully upped the ante with the wrecking ball and submarine. It just remains to be seen if the box office and critical evaluations will exceed previous installments as well.

Are you looking forward to Fate of the Furious, or are you starting to feel burned out on the franchise? Let us hear about it in the comments!

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