Fate of the Furious Honest Trailer Huffs Off Fast Five's Fumes

With The Fate of the Furious hitting home video this week, Screen Junkies has released their Honest Trailer for the eighth film in the highly successful racing film franchise.

With Furious 7 making over a billion dollars at the box office and considered by many to be one of the best in the franchise, The Fate of the Furious had a lot to live up to when it was released in April of this year. While the film received mostly favorable reviews and did not take any sort of dip at the global box office, there was a feeling that the series is running on fumes now, trying to top itself from the ridiculousness of the last three films. With at least two more entries in sight, and a host of crazy stunts left to be done and laws of physics to be defiled, the series won't be taking its foot off the gas anytime soon.

For their Honest Trailer roast of the film, online film-based YouTube channel Screen Junkies note how the series seems to be running on the same fumes that have been driving the series since the release of Fast Five in 2011. They note how the latest sequel involves more of the same, with explosions, CGI overload and ridiculous leaps in logic and tone. They also point out how much Fate of the Furious calls back to previous franchise entries in an attempt to continually build a sort-of cohesive mythology, when really everyone is just there to watch explosions and stunts.

The trailer highlights the usual complaints about the Fast and Furious franchise, from Vin Diesel's growly acting to the super-soldier type skills of a team of supposed car thieves. Screen Junkies also focuses on behind-the-scenes drama, noting how blatant the effects of the highly-publicized feud between Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Vin Diesel are in the final film. With Johnson wanting little to do with Diesel due to his apparent unprofessionalism, Screen Junkies points out that (either by circumstance or coincidence) the two don't share much screen time throughout the final cut.

The main positive noted is the chemistry between Jason Statham and Johnson, trapped in a "buddy comedy between two metahumans who separate sides of the law". Not only are these two responsible for the biggest and best moments of the film, but they get audiences amped for the spinoff that is coming centered on the two of their characters outside of the franchise's main canon. For everyone else in Fate of the Furiousit seems they are going to be left going through the normal motions of the franchise, facing another adventure chock full of cars, action sequences and possibly even a trip to space.

Source: Screen Junkies

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