So we all know the jokes about how fights in the Dragon Ball franchise drag on forever. Even fans of the franchise can’t help but laugh a bit at how the characters spend several episodes just staring at each other and screaming as they power up. And to an extent, that’s true. Dragon Ball Z in particular was heavily stretched out to avoid running out of material from the manga, so extra content was packed in whenever possible. The worst was definitely in Goku’s fight with Frieza, which is the longest fight in any anime, clocking in at over four hours long.

But despite all those jokes, the franchise does have plenty of fast-paced fights to change things up. We won’t be counting the movies, since they have run times to stick to, and we’re also only looking at fights where both characters knew they were having a fight. And our final rule is they have to involve named characters who are seriously trying to kill each other, meaning no tournament fights where it’s often more of a competitive sparring session.

That still leaves plenty of lightning quick battles though. So don’t blink or you’ll miss the 15 Fastest Fights In Dragon Ball.


Future Trunks kills Imperfect Cell Dragon Ball Z 15 Fastest Takedowns In Dragon Ball History

Future Trunks burst into the franchise in a big way when he went up against Frieza in his first fight, but unfortunately for him, his momentum dwindled pretty heavily afterward. He totally failed to stop the androids from being released, and wasn’t even successful in destroying them or the main timeline’s Cell. Clearly he bit off more than he could chew by traveling to the past, but one thing you can say about Trunks is when he finally gets the opportunity to go for the kill, he takes it.

When Future Trunks traveled back to his own timeline, he knew that in another reality Cell had killed him and stolen his time machine. He was prepared for the attack and wasted little time on talking when Cell appeared. And to top it off, when Imperfect Cell was going for the Kamehameha to try and gain some control in the fight, Trunks did something so few Dragon Ball characters seem to know how to do—he interrupted his opponent’s attack instead of just standing there and allowing it to happen! What a rebel.


Vegeta challenges Jeice Ginyu Force Dragon Ball Z 15 Fastest Takedowns In Dragon Ball History

Some fans might wonder why the entire Ginyu Force isn’t on here, since Vegeta did eventually kill them all. But Jeice is really the only one Vegeta actually squared off against and defeated in battle. He killed Guldo by surprise, had to be rescued from Recoome and Burter by Goku, and Captain Ginyu didn’t even get a chance to attack before Vegeta finally killed him in Dragon Ball Super. Jeice is pretty much the Ginyu Force member who got enough offense in for it to constitute a fight.

While Jeice was an awesome character thanks to his over-the-top Australian accent, his carrot-colored skin, and his long rock star hair, he just wasn’t much of a fighter. In fact, he’s the only Ginyu Force member who is never specified as having some special ability. Nonetheless, he put up a valiant fight against Vegeta, brawling through a spaceship and crashing through its walls. But once Vegeta started landing some blows, Jeice realized he was outmatched and wound up begging for his life. It wasn’t a request Vegeta granted.