'Faster' Red Band Trailer - Dwayne Johnson Gets Brutal

Faster with Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson started his movie career with a bang by playing off his wrestling persona, “The Rock”. His first role came in 2001 when he played a bit part in The Mummy Returns and he kept his action hero status alive by playing that role again in The Scorpion King.

What followed was a messy assortment of films as Johnson tried to find his acting groove by trying a wide variety of character roles ranging from a sheriff in Walking Tall to a gay bodyguard in Be Cool. Even when he was in a movie that wasn’t warmly received by audiences - like Doom or The Rundown - he still played a bad ass that no one wanted to mess with.

His filmography took a sour turn with a rash of un-Rock like roles in The Game Plan, Race to Witch Mountain and the ridiculous movie The Tooth Fairy (a tutu Dwayne? Really?)

Fortunately for action fans, Johnson is hanging up his tutu for a more legitimate action role in the revenge film Faster. The teaser for Faster came out a few weeks ago and showed a side of Johnson fans have been waiting to see again for a long time – his badass side.

In Faster, Driver (Dwayne Johnson) is an ex-con on a mission of vengeance, determined to kill every person he deems responsible in the death of brother. However, he will have to stay one step ahead of a veteran cop (Billy Bob Thorton) and an egocentric hit man.Watch the red band trailer below:

*Contains no nudity or language but lots of blood splattering headshots*


Like many trailers coming out of Hollywood lately, this trailer for Faster seems to give away a lot of plot and what appears to be some of the best scenes from the film. Hopefully there are still plenty of great scenes left for audiences to enjoy.

Faster is directed by George Tillman (Men of Honor) and written by brothers Tony Gayton (Murder by Numbers) and Joe Gayton (Bulletproof). The movie has a slew of recognizable names in including Dwayne Johnson (Fast Five), Billy Bob Thorton (Sling Blade), Maggie Grace (Breaking Dawn), Carla Gugino (Sucker Punch), Tom Berenger (Sniper), Moon Bloodgood (Terminator: Salvation), Michael Irby (The Unit) and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Lost).

Faster appears to have all the makings of a great fall action film – shootouts, revenge, fast cars and strippers. Hopefully the film will not end up disappointing Johnson’s fans.

Faster looks for revenge in theaters November 24th, 2010.

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Source: IGN

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