Teaser Trailer for 'Faster' [Updated]

Faster teaser trailer Dwayne Johnson

[Update: In addition to the trailer, we've added the official teaser poster for Faster!]

CBS Films has released the very teaser tailer over at Yahoo for the upcoming action revenge film, Faster, starring Dwayne Johnson.

We got our first look at Johnson's return to action in Faster back in March when the first image [p. The pic (see above) showed Johnson in handcuffs being escorted to a jail cell with that usual angry, tough-guy look on his face.

For whatever reason I get a strong Gone in Sixty Seconds (the remake) vibe from Faster. Maybe that's down to the overall look of the teaser (as you'll see below) or maybe it's the way that film worked in serious plot when the real point was the action. Hopefully Faster does a considerably better job mixing the two.

Check out the trailer below:

You can watch the trailer in HD over at Yahoo.

Here's the full official synopsis for Faster (some of the following could be considered SPOILERFIC):

A stint in prison usually has one of two effects on a man – it either breaks him down or makes him stronger. For Driver (Dwayne Johnson), a 10-year sentence proved the latter. His strength was not just fueled by time, but also by a hunger to avenge the murder of his brother during the botched bank robbery that led to his own imprisonment. Untouchable on the 'inside,' he made plenty of enemies in prison - men who were counting the days until his release so they could exact their own revenge on the outside. Now, on the day of his release, he is hell-bent on reaping vengeance upon the four men responsible for his brother's murder. With a list of names and addresses in hand, he sprints out of the prison gates and is immediately on his mission.

No regard for witnesses. No finesse to the acts. One down. Check. Within hours of Driver eliminating the first name on the list, two men are on his trail – Cop (Billy Bob Thornton), a veteran police officer just days from retirement, and Killer (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), a young egocentric hitman with a flair for the art of killing. The hunter is now also the hunted.

Without hesitation, Driver methodically continues down his list while the mystery deepens surrounding his brother's murder and who might have tipped off those responsible to their robbery plans. With each killing, Driver finds himself face to face with Cop or Killer and he evades them every time. Killer wants Driver now more than ever – he's finally met a worthy opponent. Thus begins a do or die race to the list's finish with new details in the decade old murder emerging along the way...hinting that Driver's list may be incomplete and his life in further danger.

The summary definitely expands on the "Slow Justice Is No Justice" tagline featured in the Faster teaser poster:

Faster Teaser Poster

The idea of having a list of names that the main character is hunting down one-by-one is one we've certainly seen before - Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill saga springs to mind as a recent example. I can't see Faster bringing anything new to the idea but does it really need to? All it needs to do is be entertaining and it will have done its job. It's certainly no Death Wish by the looks of it but with this type of film what is?

The car sequences in the teaser seem to hint at what we can expect from Johnson's upcoming role in Fast Five, the fifth film in The Fast and the Furious franchise in which he will play a lawman chasing down Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. Those two coupled together with The Other Guys (to some extent) are welcome returns for Johnson to the world of explosive action, after inexplicably starring in such kids movies as The Game Plan and The Tooth Fairy.

Faster stars Dwayne Johnson, Billy Bob Thornton, Carla Gugino, Maggie Grace, Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Moon Bloodgood. It speeds into theaters on November 24th, 2010.

Source: Yahoo

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