Fast & Furious 9: Jordana Brewster Returning; Justin Lin To Direct

Vin Diesel reveals director Justin Lin and star Jordana Brewster are returning for Fast and Furious 9, which hits theaters in 2020.

It looks like two important members of the Fast & Furious “family” – director Justin Lin and star Jordana Brewster - will be returning for the forthcoming Fast & Furious 9. Lin is often credited with evolving the series from a street racing saga and into one of the biggest action franchises on the planet. He helmed parts three to six, with each new chapter pushing the envelope in terms of action and spectacle.

Lin bowed out after the sixth movie, going on to helm Star Trek Beyond; his name is currently linked to an adaptation of the cult manga Lone Wolf And Cub. James Wan was behind the wheel on Fast & Furious 7, with F. Gary Gray taking over for the most recent entry. The series is set to call it a day on the tenth movie, and recent reports linked Justin Lin to the director’s chair.

On a new Facebook Live chat Vin Diesel all but confirmed this, taking a video of himself, Lin and actress Jordana Brewster on a “top secret” set. On the video Diesel first introduces the director, crediting him with resurrecting the whole saga, before talking with Brewster about her return, after her character Mia sat out the eighth movie. According to EW, Lin is in “advanced talks” for the director’s chair, though the video makes it look like a done deal.

Fast & Furious - Justin Lin and Vin Diesel

Lin’s return for parts nine and ten will no doubt make fans of the series happy. The director is able to perfectly balance the crazy action setpieces, and mix with a healthy dose of cheesy drama and humor too. It's unknown how Mia’s character will be brought into the story as her character is married to Brian, who was played by the late Paul Walker. The seventh movie ended with Brian retiring to be with Mia and their child, so if she returns Brian's absence will need to be addressed somehow.

Lin and Brewster's return is happy news for the franchise, following a much-publicized spat between Fast & Furious co-stars Tyrese and The Rock. The latter will be starring in a spinoff movie featuring his character Hobbs, who will be teaming up with Jason Statham’s Shaw for a new adventure. This caused Fast & Furious 9 to be pushed to 2020, leading to Tyrese calling out his co-star and labeling him "selfish" for the move. This, combined with onset tensions between The Rock and Diesel during filming on the eighth movie, made it seem like relations between the Fast family was a little strained. Lin and Brewster's comeback for Fast & Furious 9 should do a lot to calm those concerns.

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Source: Vin Diesel, EW

Key Release Dates
  • Fast & Furious 9 (2020) release date: May 22, 2020
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