Fast 8 Gets a New Cast Photo; Trailer Arrives in December

Universal posts a new Fast & Furious 8 cast photo as filming winds down - at the same time, teasing the trailer premiere in December.

Fast & Furious vehicles

The cast and marketing team for the Fast & Furious film franchise has down a bang-up job of promoting the next installment in the series, Fast & Furious 8/Fast 8, throughout production. Through the power of social media, fans of the property have been kept in the loop - with new Fast 8 set videos being posted every #FastFriday and the series' star Vin Diesel's own frequent updates (videos, photos, and so forth) to his popular Facebook page. Even after Fast 8 costar Dwayne Johnson expressed his frustration with one of his (unnamed) co-workers online, "The Rock" then turned the incident into a constructive conversation about "healthy conflict."

Director F. Gary Gray (The Italian Job, Straight Outta Compton) is now winding down production on Fast 8; meaning, the film's official promotional campaign will be going on radio silence for some time, as post-production gets underway. Before that happens though, there's the last #FastFriday update - one that also reveals when fans can expect to see the movie's first theatrical trailer hit the scene.

To mark the occasion, a new Fast 8 cast photo has been posted to the official Fast & Furious Facebook page, along with the below message confirming an as-yet unspecified December release date for the first trailer. You may have noticed that the only announced big-name Fast 8 cast member not pictured here is Helen Mirren. Seeing as the Oscar-winner isn't reported to have all that major a role in this Fast & Furious installment (whatever the future may hold for her and the franchise, aside) though, that's to be expected.

Fast & Furious 8 cast photo

For our final #FastFridays post, all of us in the Fast Family wanted to thank you for coming on the ride with us during this epic production.

We began in Cuba, visited Iceland, New York and Atlanta, and as we head into our final few days of shooting, we wanted to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to those who have worked so hard over the past 100 days to bring you a movie that is going to be another incredible installment of our saga. Everything we do comes from our shared passion to bring you the very best.

Thank you Vin, who has been at the wheel since this journey began, first as star and then as producer...

And thanks to all of the cast of the eighth Fast:

Michelle, who’s also been with us from the start...

Those who’ve joined our family along the way: Tyrese and Chris from Miami in our second film; Dwayne and Elsa, who came on board in Rio in movie five; Jason, Nathalie and Kurt from last time around; and our newest members Charlize, Scott, Kristofer and Helen...

And our brother who continues to inspire us all, Paul.

We extend our gratitude to our new director F. Gary Gray, producers Neal Moritz and One Race Films, writer Chris Morgan, and the hundreds of awesome, dedicated crew members who worked their asses off.

All of us take our work on Fast & Furious seriously, and we seriously intend to wow the world again. We'll be back in December with your first look at what we've created for you.

-- Your Fast Family

It's now standard procedure for tentpoles arriving in either mid-to-late spring or early summer movie season (a la Fast 8) to kick-off their trailer/TV spot marketing by late November/early December. Universal's only major December 2016 release scheduled right now is Illumination Entertainment's animated film Sing, so it's a fair bet that Fast 8's trailer will instead premiere in theaters with one of the live-action franchise films arriving that month. Movies such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Assassin's Creed will likely have the Fast 8 trailer attached for that reason - and the Diesel-led xXx: The Return of Xander Cage for certain will, when it opens in theaters the following month (read: January 2017).

It remains to be seen if Fast 8 comes close to matching the massive box office haul of Furious 7: a film that served as the farewell to Fast & Furious star Paul Walker (who is mentioned in the above #FastFriday post), after he died part-way through production on the movie. Of course, both the eighth Fast & Furious installment and its trailer alike will be "events" in their own right, regardless. And, with Fast 8 having the U.S. box office largely to itself for some three weeks before Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 arrives next year, it's unlikely to cause the franchise to slow down much (if at all), at this stage in the game.

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Fast 8 opens in U.S. theaters on April 17th, 2017, followed by Fast and Furious 9 on April 19th, 2019, and Fast and Furious 10 on April 2nd, 2021.

Source: Universal Pictures

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