From what we know of Fast & Furious 6‘s ending, the gang get their pardons from the law and settle back home in the old Log Angeles house seen in the first film. Little do they know that Ian Shaw (Jason Statham), the brother of man they just vanquished, is on the warpath looking for revenge. From that little “button scene” at the end of part 6, it’s not hard to guess that part 7 starts with Dom and Co. in the sights of their unseen enemy – and that LA will get turned into a vehicular warzone as a result.

While that premise is certainly still on the action crime-drama side of the line, the LA setting (the initial inspiration for the part 1’s sub-culture backdrop) could still allow for more odes to racer-culture (and actual race sequences) than we’ve seen in more recent installments.

If Vin Diesel is speaking true (and there’s a pretty good chance he is) are you happy to see Fast & Furious come home to the city of angels?

Fast & Furious 6 will be in theaters on May 24th. Check back for our review.

Source: Variety

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