'Fast & Furious 6' Car Guide - 25 Hot & Exotic Vehicles From the Movie

Everyone expected The Fast and The Furious to be a popular movie, but no one expected it to spawn five sequels with a sixth now in theaters. While the general movie-going public undoubtedly watches the films for their action the series has also proven popular with "gearheads," - i.e., car guys and street racers who watch the films to see their favorite exotic cars onscreen.

If it's exotic cars you're looking for, then you'll find them in spades in Fast and Furious 6, as there were over 400 cars from all walks of life used in the film. Sadly, only a handful of those cars survived the ordeal, since making an action movie involving high-speed chases usually takes its toll on a vehicle.

The following 25 cars can all be seen in the movie, whether in the background or driven by one of the actors, and they consist of everything from exotic and expensive imports to classic American muscle cars.


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