'Fast Five' Super Bowl TV Spot

Fast Five Super Bowl TV spot

If you didn't get enough burly men tackling each other during the Super Bowl, Universal Pictures unleashed the TV spot for Fast Five during the big game. In just 30 seconds, the action was non-stop.

Fast Five brings back most of the stars from all four previous installments of The Fast and the Furious franchise and adds Dwayne Johnson to the mix for an extra dose of testosterone. The gang is on the run in Rio de Janeiro and from the looks of this TV spot, they get into all kinds of mayhem.

The first trailer didn't show too much, but gave a taste of the action to come. We gave you some extra details with interviews from our Fast Five set visit but make sure to check out the adrenaline-stuffed Super Bowl spot below:


While it definitely looks cool, some moments bring out the skeptics in us - especially the cliff dive that includes Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and a car. One can only assume they survive that fall, which unfortunately brings back memories of the train crash in Wanted. Crazy stunts aside, the teaser is exactly what Universal ordered with Fast Five - pulse-pounding action.

On the positive side, the inevitable fight between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel was put on display in the TV spot. When Vin Diesel spoke to us on set he mentioned an epic moment in which Johnson tackles him through a window. Look for it in the TV spot at 22 seconds.

What else did you like or dislike about the Fast Five Super Bowl spot?

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Fast Five crashes theaters on April 29th, 2011.

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