'Fast Five' Images Depict Impossible Heist

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I don't think that 9 years ago anyone could have predicted that a simple movie about breaking the law and driving fast would have become such a hit. When The Fast and The Furious first came on the scene in 2001, it was all about slick suped-up cars and scantily clad women dancing around them in underground, illegal street racing gangs.

Oh there was also a story about some guys stealing stuff while driving these fast cars, a brother and his sister and the undercover cop purseing them, blah, blah, blah...FAST CARS AND HOT WOMEN!

Race ahead (heh) to 2010 and four films later, The Fast and the Furious has turned into a bonafide franchise, pulling in a combined worldwide box office gross of close to 1 billion dollars ($955 million to be exact). The main guys all took a break for the 3rd film (except a small cameo at the end) - almost certainly why it was the lowest-grossing of the bunch - but when Vin Diesel returned with Paul Walker for the 4th installment the audience returned with them.

Now director Justin Lin (Fast & Furious) has brought back almost all of the original actors: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang and Ludacris.  Lin has added action star Dwayne Johnson to the cast and it already seems that regardless of how Fast Five turns out, it's sure to draw big numbers at the box office.

Today, courtesy of our friends at Coming Soon, we have six behind-the-scenes photos  from Fast Five for you to look at, and while there aren't any images of any of the actors in the shots, we certainly get a good look at the physics-defying action (more on that in a moment) that audiences can look forward to. You can check out the remaining 12 pics at Coming Soon.


It's not hard to put together what is going on here: gang needs money, gang tricks out their street racing cars with after-market gear, gang pulls giant bank vault down the, wait...what?

The one thing Hollywood is very good at is asking us to suspend our belief in the natural laws of physics and common sense in order to enjoy a film - well, that and opening up our wallets. If that giant bank vault was being pulled by, say, two suped-up 4x4 trucks or even a big ass semi with all sorts of cool decals, lights and flames on it then that is one thing, but to ask me to believe that two low-profile cars can pull that heavy thing down the street while out-running two or three police cars is ludacris ;-).

Forgive the math, but a quick Google search tells me that the average bank vault weighs 50 tons and since the money inside isn't made of feathers, I'll tack on another ton for good measure. So, we have 51 tons of bank vault being dragged down the asphalt street at a high rate of speed (allegedly) which would cause all sorts of friction making it even harder for those street racing engines to pull it. Now toss in the fact that there is no way for those two cars to have anywhere near the torque to even begin pulling that thing, much less pull it fast, and it all equates to me having to wait until another special movie episode of Mythbusters debunks this scene.

Hopefully the other stunts in the movie are better than this.

Fast Five speeds into theaters next summer June 10th, 2011.

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Source: Coming Soon

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