Dwayne Johnson Talks Bounty Hunter Role in 'Fast Five'

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson talks about his character in Fast Five, the latest entry in The Fast & The Furious franchise.

Although its release is still a year away, fans are already revved up for Fast Five - the fifth installment in The Fast & The Furious franchise. MTV caught up with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at the Spike Guy's Choice Awards where the wrestler-turned-actor revealed a few details about his role in the film:

"We're gonna introduce a new character into the franchise ... A really unique U.S. Marshal who is hired to hunt and track down Vin Diesel and Paul Walker."

At this point there's not much known about the film's storyline other than it picks up where Fast & Furious left off, with Dominic Toretto (Diesel) being sprung from his prison transport and going on the run. Johnson elaborated a little bit on the circumstances that draw his character into the plot of Fast Five:

"He's a former bounty hunter ... He has a unique group of guys who, when the government has issues in trying to track down and find individuals, they call my character."

Fast & Furious was certainly a big hit for the studio, but I'll admit I'm a little surprised this series still has legs (wheels?).  It may also feature the most dubiously named sequels in any franchise - ever:

"How about we just call this one The Fast & The Furious 5?"

"No, no don't be stupid - it has to be even sillier than the last title. Randomly remove four of those words and get back to me."

They really are running out of ways to condense the name - at this rate the next sequel will just be called "F" :-P.

Terrible title aside, the idea of The Rock as the main antagonist seems pretty inspired. Unlike some other WWE alumni, he can actually act and has successfully transcended the action hero stereotype. While Fast Five may not require much in the way of acting chops, Johnson is certainly capable of bringing more to the role than some of his contemporaries and he seems like a formidable opponent for Diesel & Walker.

Fast Five races into theaters on June 10, 2011.

What do you think of The Rock's description of his character in Fast Five? Are you excited about the film or is the franchise running out of gas? How many bad car puns can I squeeze into one story? Buckle up and sound off below.

Source: MTV Movies Blog.

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