Neal Moritz Talks Fast & Furious Sequels & Highlander Reboot


Producer Neal Moritz is one busy man - he currently has no less than 52 different projects in development (according to IMDB).

Two of these films include the fifth and sixth Fast and the Furious installments ( the fifth is currently titled Fast Five),  as well as the reboot/ remake of 80s classic, Highlander. Moritz spoke with Collider recently and discussed both projects and their production status.

In regards to Fast & Furious 5 and 6, Moritz said that they would be shot closely together - but not back to back - and that the films would run into each other (no pun intended).

The producer added that Fast 5 would be shooting "in Brazil, Rio, Puerto Rico, a little bit in Los Angeles and some in Atlanta" during the summer.

Moritz went on to deliver a few nuggets of plot details:

"They’re on the run and then something happens and they have to…and there’s going to be a lot of people from the previous Fast and Furious in the movie.

We’re talking…we’re trying to finalize the script right now but the goal is to bring touchstone characters from each of the movies back."

During the interview, Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub from Collider also brought up the now obligatory  3D. Moritz replied:

"Fast and Furious will be a very hard movie to shoot in 3D because of the way we do the car stuff and because the movie has such quick cuts. So we have had many discussions about it. I don’t think we’ll actually shoot in 3D but there’s a good chance the movie will be in 3D."

I hope they don't convert it into 3D during post production - not after the bad things I've heard about Clash of the Titans!

After grilling Moritz about the Fast and the Furious franchise, Frosty turned his attention to the new Highlander film that Moritz is shepherding through development.

Moritz confirmed that Justin Lin would still  helm the film, despite his Fast Five commitments (but that he might not direct Fast Six).

Moritz went on to say:

"We’re staying true to the mythologies as a whole of the Highlander series. Now there are certain things between all the different Highlanders that conflict with each other, but we’re trying to stay true to the core of what we believe Highlander is and it’s a movie that’s going to be made for the fans of Highlander but also for people who are new to the franchise."

When quizzed if the film would be a reboot, Moritz became quite coy, saying:

"I wouldn’t necessarily call it…I guess it would be closer to a reboot than anything else but there’s a great history of Highlander that we’re staying with and it’s an origin story."

I wonder if this means that the titular Highlander won't be Connor MacLeod?

neal moritz talks highlander reboot

If you're reading this - and you are a big Highlander fan - then I know that you're curious about the soundtrack by Queen featured in the original film. Moritz said:

"Maybe, maybe. We love the Queen music and we’ll see what happens."

So, there are some cool bits of information on three of Moritz's multitude of films in development. He seems to be playing his cards close to his chest about Highlander - does this mean he doesn't know much yet, or does it mean that he doesn't want any details to slip out?

I'm sure that we'll find out soon.

You can get more on Fast and Furious 5 and Highlander here at Screen Rant as the news develops.

Source: Collider

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