Drive Dom's Dodge Charger in Fast & Furious Takedown Game

At this point it's impossible to deny the appeal of the Fast & Furious franchise, with the latest film, Fate of the Furious, delivering the biggest box office opening ever. Keeping that in mind, it's weird that there aren't more companies trying to deliver multiple tie-ins with a major franchise across every accessible medium. As it would happen, however, Universal Games and Digital Platforms, in partnership with SMG Studio, have released a new mobile game based on the fast-paced franchise known as Fast & Furious Takedown.

With a focus on crazy tracks that shift the action off of the streets and onto a menagerie of out-there locales, Fast & Furious Takedown looks to be an exhilarating take on the series. It also appears as if players will be able to take control of several vehicles as they rush around a wide range of tracks in the hopes of winning races and, presumably, bragging rights.

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The game encourages users to bomb through various environmental hazards during play, ensuring that the mayhem and destruction that follows Vin Diesel and friends on the big screen handily makes the transition to mobile platforms. Best of all, the game is available to download completely free-of-charge right now, meaning that players can explore the world of the films without having to actually... well, watch them.

Not a bad deal at all, truthfully.

As for the vehicles confirmed for the finished product, it looks as if Dom's iconic Dodge Charger will be front and center for the mobile game. If that weren't enough for fans of the blockbuster series, there are also several other legendary vehicles present in Takedown that can be driven - a total of 60 licensed cars. Additionally, and despite the emphasis on out-there racing, the mobile aspect of the finished product should ensure that it remains widely accessible to a new audience.

There's more to Takedown than just racing too, as there will be "missions, epic stunts, fierce chopper pursuits, and more" awaiting players. It sounds like a lot to handle already, but the free mobile game will also have Versus Leagues for anyone that wants to vent some frustration by going head-to-head with others online.

With plenty of Fast & Furious films still in development, there's sure to be more content arriving for the mobile game in due time. For example, the Hobbs and Shaw spinoff is well underway at Universal Pictures, so it's possible that fans may even be treated to new vehicles that tie into that release sooner rather than later.

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Fast & Furious Takedown is currently available across Google Play and iOS devices.

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