Fast And Furious: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved

There’s no action franchise like The Fast & The Furious which not only kept its core cast around for the longest time but continues to tell their same connected stories while escalating the stakes. After eight movies, the franchise continues to dominate the box office and won’t be ending any time soon.

Before watching its first spin-off Hobbs & Shaw and while waiting for Fast & Furious 9 to burn asphalt in cinemas, there’s no better time than now to revisit the series featuring fast cars and Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) beloved family. But even a series as interconnected and sprawling as this could accidentally leave some plot threads incomplete and hanging. Here are 10 storylines from the Fast & Furious movies that haven’t been resolved.

10 The Superweapons

The franchise may have started in the seedy world of underground drag racing but by their sixth outing, the Fast family was working with the American government to stop superweapons from falling into the wrong hands.

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Two such devices–the electricity-stopping Nightshade and the privacy-infringing surveillance system God’s Eye–are still active despite the immense threats they pose.

It could be assumed that the American government or Mr. Nobody’s agency now controls them but given how duplicitous yet vulnerable these people can be, it’s not safe to say that these weapons won’t be used again.

9 The New Race Wars

The Fast and the Furious centers around the incredibly popular but illegal drag race circuit known as “Race Wars,” where Dom and his original family rule. But when Furious 7 rolls in, Race Wars has apparently become mainstream and is as big a deal as NASCAR.

The drag race that a long time ago could only occur at night to avoid police capture now proudly takes place in the open, with major companies sponsoring it. How this came to be is never addressed, though it’s possible that someone from Dom’s past either went legit or sold out big time.

8 Verone’s Vengeance

By working undercover for U.S. Customs and infiltrating a drug-smuggling ring, Brian makes an enemy of the ruthless drug kingpin Carter Verone. Thankfully, Verone is arrested at the end of 2 Fast 2 Furious, but not before he promises to exact vengeance when he gets out of prison.

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Six sequels (not counting the upcoming Fast & Furious 9) and a spin-off entry later, and Verone has yet to make his move. Given how the Fast series has a tendency of bringing back previous characters, it’s surprising that Verone hasn’t showed up yet.

7 Monica Fuentes’ Cooperation

Brian’s love interest in his one and only solo-movie–2 Fast 2 Furious–was the US Customs agent Monica Fuentes. In an aversion of typical action movie tropes, the two don’t hook up and respectfully part ways on mutual terms.

Monica isn’t seen again until the last seconds of Fast 5, where she informs Hobbs that Letty–then presumed to be dead–is actually alive. Though her continued service for the American government is confirmed, what she’s been up to during the Fast sequels has not, leaving a lot of questions unanswered.

6 Dom Takes Asia

Near the end of Tokyo Drift, Twinkie off-handedly mentions that a new challenger (i.e. Dom) conquered the Asian drag race circuit and is now looking to challenge Tokyo’s top racer: Sean Boswell, the newly-christened Drift King.

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At the time, this was used to justify Dom’s absence in the sequels that came after the original The Fast and the Furious but Fasts 4 to 6 showed that he was moving from country to country to evade arrest in America. Dom’s time in the Asian race circuits may or may not be acknowledged going forward.

5 Sean Boswell the Drift King

After becoming the Drift King, Sean supposedly rules the Tokyo underground race scene but none of this is actually shown. He’s only seen later when he hands some of Han’s personal effects to Dom and has yet to help the crew in one of their big heists or government-sanctioned black ops missions.

4 Mia Toretto’s Family Life

Mia, Dom’s sister and Brian’s wife, is an important part of the Fast family who’s been around since the first movie but her presence in the recent entries has been noticeably smaller than before.

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During The Fate of the Furious, Letty explicitly tells the crew not to involve Mia and Brian so that they could raise their children in peace. The family isn’t shown for both story-related and practical reasons (more on that later), though what became of Mia and the kids may finally be shown in the upcoming Fast & Furious 9, since Mia is confirmed to return.

3 Forgiving The Shaws

To take down the cyberterrorist Cipher, Dom enlists the help of the criminal Shaw family, including the brothers Owen and Deckard – two men responsible for causing Dom and his crew lots of grief in the past.

Previously, Owen endangered Dom’s lover Letty while Deckard killed Han Lue. What the Shaws did is more than just “personal” and their clash with Dom’s crew would’ve been fiery at the least – if they’ll ever face each other. How exactly Dom’s family will reconcile with the dangerous siblings and how Dom quickly forgave them may or may not be seen in future movies.

2 Hobbs’ Family Time

One of the most noteworthy newcomers in the Fast Family was DSS agent Hobbs, the law-abiding foil to Dom’s street smart racer. By the time of Fate of the Furious, Hobbs seemed poised to lead the crew, with some thinking he would even replace Dom as the patriarch.

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But due to heated disagreements between The Rock and Vin Diesel, Hobbs is unlikely to return to the Fast movies, now starring in his own series with Deckard. Time will tell if Hobbs & Shaw will connect to the Fast franchise or if it will be an independent spin-off.

1 Brian’s Retirement

Due to Paul Walker’s tragic death following a fatal vehicular accident, Brian was retired from the Fast franchise and given a heartfelt farewell in Furious 7. He’s still mentioned in passing, but he’s never explicitly shown enjoying retirement or otherwise.

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Unless the franchise recasts Brian (which is highly unlikely), don’t expect Brian’s ultimate fate to be shown on screen as it will instead be discussed by the likes of Dom or Mia. This may leave some questions regarding his character’s future unanswered and some potential arcs (ex. Monica) incomplete, but it’s for the best.

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