Fast And Furious: 25 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Completely Change The Movies

the fast and the furious cast crew

When The First and the Furious first pulled into theaters back in 2001, no one could have possibly predicted the series' future trajectory. The more than one hundred forty million dollar box office intake meant a sequel would be no surprise, but very few movie franchises reach eight titles, and that number is still counting.

Why is Fast and the Furious so successful and endearing? It is hard to pin point the exact reason, but looking at any of the films' elements reveals why audiences keep coming back for more. The car chases get increasingly more bombastic, the diverse cast is filled with delightful personalities, and each entry re-inforces the overarching themes of family and the lengths people will go to protect loved ones.

It is unknown where the series will steer next, and it is hard to imagine how it could possibly top itself, but we're confident the creative minds behind the films still have tricks up their sleeves. Regardless of its future, there will always be eight incredible action films for movie lovers to feast on for years to come.

With eight movies comes eight productions teaming with behind-the-scenes photos. These pictures are usually candid, and it does not need to be explained how surprise photos can be funny. These next twenty five snapshots will show a side of the actors and crew that the movies do not showcase. Aside from eliciting a few giggle, these photos also cement the love everyone has for each other and the project.

So read a quarter mile at a time, because here are the 25 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Completely Change The Fast And Furious Movies.

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Fate of the furious behind the scenes
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25 The Huge Hood

Fate of the furious behind the scenes

One major goal of almost every movie is immersion. The filmmakers want audiences to forget that these scenes were recorded with giant cameras. The few movies that cast away this notion do it on purpose and make it a part of the narrative.

Good luck trying to forget this picture whenever you watch one of the movies and notice that the camera is coming from the car's hood.

Now, instead of believing there is a regular front of a car, one will be constantly reminded of the giant apparatus holding up the heavy camera. The immersion has been officially ruined.

24 A Happy Family

Fate of the furious cast and crew photo

Wait, weren't almost half of these people fighting the other half just a minute ago? In fact, some of them got messed up pretty bad. Ultimately, it is far from the most inconceivable reconciliation in the series.

After all, Jason Statham teamed up with the heroes after spending the last scene of Furious 6 and all of the next movie trying to ruin Dominic Toretto's family. Given how grudges are so easily forgiven, it would not be surprising to see Charlize Theron play the part of hero in a future Fast and Furious movie.

23 Now That's Acting

Dom Green Screen Fast and Furious

Does acting school prepare thespians for this? Most of the craft is engaged in reacting to tangible things and people. When Shakespeare was penning his timeless plays, he never imagined a future for actors like this. Then again, he probably never imagined women becoming actors either.

This shouldn't make one think that acting to a green screen is any less challenging or a lower art form. If anything, reacting to the invisible is even harder. A convincing performance is just half the job, as the effects must also be convincing.

22 Lunch Break

Furious 6 cast and crew eating lunch

In the long ago days of Hollywood, studios would work everyone involved in a production, including the cast and director, to the bone. Thanks to unions, everybody gets their required lunch break during a film shoot in the modern era.

This particular picture shows a feeling of camaraderie, as famous actors sit side by side with the unsung heroes behind the camera.

The nicest actors are ones who never become full of themselves and aren't above moseying among their less known coworkers. At the end of the day, every movie is a team effort.

21 Hanging Out With Vin Diesel

Furious 6 vin deasel behind the scenes

Never judge people based on appearances. The last thing one would expect Vin Diesel's muscular arms to do is toss an eight sided dice, but the man is a well-documented Dungeons & Dragons fan.

We're at a loss about what Paul Walker is doing, though. It seems like he thought it was a good idea to rest his leg on the stone, but underestimated its distance from his body. However, he's still trying to sell it as a comfortable pose. Walker was so dashingly handsome and stylish that he could sell any stance.

20 Cody And Tony Jaa

Furious 7 Cody Walker

Tony Jaa tried his darndest to send Brian O'Conner to the farm upstate during Fast and Furious 7, but the former undercover cop did not take it personally, as evidenced by this photo.

One cannot look past just how strikingly similar Cody Walker looks like his late brother. It is hard to imagine the feeling Cody and Caleb must have had when completing the work their sibling was unable to finish. The emotional project paid off, though, as the seventh entry stands as perhaps the series' finest and one of the best modern action movies ever.

19 The Beginning Of Big Dreams

Justin Lin Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

Seeing one movie through from conception to theatrical release is an impressive enough feat. Justin Lin did it four times in a row with the franchise before handing off the reins to James Wan for Furious 7.

This picture shows the beginning of what became a massive creative venture.

Little did audiences know that this film would end up taking place before the following three movies. We guess in the Fast and Furious universe, Tokyo purposefully uses outdated technology for fashion, or whatever. Just don't think about it too hard.

18 The military vehicle

Ludricrous on a tank

Pictured here is Christopher Brian Bridges sitting on the treads of a military grade vehicle used for the incredible climax of Fate of the Furious where the protagonists race against a submarine in their efforts to thwart a nuclear strike.

The franchise is famous for extreme, over the top action that stretched suspension of disbelief to its breaking point, and past it for some. Still, this chase is so ridiculous and inconceivable that those two words just don't do it justice. If only there was a different, more accurate term - one that starts with an "L," perhaps.

17 Action!

Tyrese Fast and Furious Behind the Scenes

Tyrese is the official scaredy-cat of the franchise. Anytime the crew has to accomplish something out of the ordinary, he is usually filled with apprehension at the mere thought. With that being said, he still gets the job done.

Here, the famous singer-turned-actor looks just as comfortable behind the camera as he does in front of it. However, even he was a talented director, it would seem like a waste to hide all that style out of frame. We guess he has no choice but to direct and star in a feature film some day soon.

16 Big Crowds And Funny Faces

Vin Diesel making a funny face

The funny face phenomenon is not exclusive to the New York native. Snap a candid photo of anyone at the right moment and they are bound to produce a silly mug. This is not aimed at poking fun solely at him, he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Diesel is the only one who looks at all energized in this snapshot.

Everyone else either seems bored or embarrassed. Perhaps they are embarrassed for their poor friend who just caught photographed with this expression. They say cameras steal souls, but it seems more like dignity is robbed in some cases.

15 Hanging out on set

Vin Diesel making another funny face

Vin Diesel must be really hungry in this photograph, perhaps so famished that he has resorted to chomping on his lower lip. Good god, why would they deprive the actor of such a basic human necessity for so long that he would have to resort to this? Isn't this why actor's have unions?

In reality, the actor is most likely fueled on a healthy diet. No one develops a physique like his through fasting and malnutrition. The upside to working out a lot is being able to choke down food guilt free and burn it all away at the gym.

14 Fist Slam

Dwayne Johnson Fist Slam

If you can smell what the Rock is cooking, then it is already too late. In this picture, you're the cushion that is about to meet Dwayne's gloved fist of vengeance. Stay on his good side, though, and the former wrestler-turned-actor will be an invaluable ally. He's busy, but he can definitely find time in his busy day to help out.

What if the problem cannot be solved by punching? Then Dwayne will still punch it and resolve the conflict, he's just that good when it comes to hitting things.

13 Awkward Car Hug

Dwayne Johnson on a car

Um, it's not what it looks like. Unless it looks like Dwayne Johnson is in between takes for a stunt from Furious and Furious 6, in which case that is what is happening.

No one ever said movie-making was always comfortable.

Sometimes you have to lay down on top of a car for hours while shots are set up and the crew gets ready. All in all, there are far more uncomfortable things people do for money, like painting houses or teaching piano lessons. We can't think of any other possible examples.

12 "I'm Sorry, Man"

Fast 5 Behind the scenes Dwayne and Vin

This snapshot paints a hilarious, and most likely untrue story. Vin Diesel looks upset, as if Dwayne Johnson said or did something to grievously offend him. Johnson just found out and approaches in an attempt to reconcile the situation, but Diesel is having none of it.

The fake blood only makes the story more intriguing. Not only was their friendship strained, but it also came down to fisticuffs. Coincidentally, the two actors have a beef with each other that has gone on for over a year. With the passing of time, maybe the disdain will subside.

11 Weird Fist Bump

Tyrese and Dwayne Johnson

Tyrese appears more excited about the fist bump than Dwayne Johnson does. Maybe it is just because the muscular actor has to control his strength when interacting with people, lest he accidentally put someone through a wall.

The famous singer threw some shade at Dwayne on Twitter, blaming the production of the upcoming Fast Furious spinoff, Hobbs and Shaw, for the ninth movie's delay. Hopefully the relationship between the two isn't broken by a single tweet. These movies are all about family, and good chemistry is essential for that theme to shine true.

10 Wonder Woman and The Rock

Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson

Gal Gadot was a delightful presence in the series, making it especially devastating when her character fatally ate the runway during Furious 6's climactic action set piece. It was even worse for Sung Kang's character, Han, who lost the love of his life before leaving the crew.

Fortunately for fans of the star, she went on the become even more famous.

Her turn as Wonder Woman was well received, and she is currently working on the sequel. These are all just consolation prizes, though, as this series will never be the same without her.

9 Survivor's Guilt

Fast 5 Behind The Scenes

This car does not look comfortable in its current position. Perhaps it knows exactly how it will end up - driving off a cliff into a lake.

Very few cars get the luxury of surviving a hectic production of a Fast and Furious movie, and the ones that do will forever live with the battle scars and survivors' guilt. For their sake, there should be some sort of support group for automobiles that lived through the arduous shoot. On a related note, what do the characters from Cars think about the franchise?

8 Train's Have More Fun

Fast 5 canyon jump behind the scenes

This moment is taken from the action sequence from Fast Five's first act,which includes the famous canyon jump. Cars are far from the only vehicle that get in on the fun, as the series has utilized trains, airplanes, and even submarines in their set pieces.

Similar to the automobiles, these forms of transportation usually get wrecked too. In this movie, for instances, a truck lodges itself into a train wagon before spectacularly exploding. There is a reason the series is called Fast and Furious and not Slow and Responsible.

7 Showdown In The Metro

Fast and Furious Metro Fight Behind the Scenes

Shown here is the fight between Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano in London's metro. Elsewhere, Sung Kang and Tyrese are dueling against the incredibly talented Joe Taslim, who can be seen showcasing his full abilities in the recently released The Night Comes For Us.

Metro tunnels are enough of a hassle for commuters without a whole camera crew blocking their way.

This is just a small sacrifice the people of London had to make in order for filmmakers to bring these magical movies to life.

6 Buddies For Life

The characters of Fast and Furious are all so well matched that any two of them could have their own spinoff and it would be a hit. Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson are delivering Hobbs and Shaw in August of 2019, but Hobbs and Roman would have been just as good an idea.

Ironically, Tyrese has publicly voiced his displeasure at a Fast and Furious spinoff. It's perfectly understandable to see why a member of the cast would only want the whole family to be together. Splinter the series too much and it may lose focus.

5 Laughing On Set

Fast and Furious Tyrese Laughing

Cackle with Han while you can, Roman, because he won't be around forever. Another rare sight is seeing an unhinged Tyrese, even if it is unhinged in a good way, with him laughing and enjoying himself. The singer always seems so cool and composed that these image of him letting loose with laughter are atypical.

Pay attention to everybody around the two actors, too, as they are focused on each of their separate duties. The actors may be what audiences see on screen, but a lot of work goes into making their performances possible.

4 For Once, It's Not The Telephone Company

Fast and the furious behind the scenes crane on a street

Usually when there is a giant crane out on the street, it is because a telephone company is doing some work on their lines. This time, however, it is for the purposes of a film shoot.

The movies always need to show some of what the action heroes do on their downtime.

Ultimately, they can't be defying mortality and the laws of gravity all the time. Every once and a while, they just need to kick back and crack open a cold one. As fans will point out, though, even their homes have a bad habit of blowing up.

3 Soccer Game

Fate of the furious behind the scenes dwayne johnson and soccer game

Even when not squeezing into a tight shirt to accentuate his musculature, Dwayne Johnson's arms are an impressive sight. The poor guy standing next to him has spaghetti arms when compared to the former wrestler. Don't feel too bad, sunglasses man, we all look puny standing next to the statuesque actor.

The scene in the movie is especially funny because he is coaching his daughter's soccer game with the same intensity and attitude that he would tackle a mission with. We pray that he is not too critical on her if she fails, though.

2 Justin Lin In Style

Justing Lin Fast and Furious Behind the scenes

With a look and pose that stylish, it is almost a shame Justin Lin spends all of his time behind the camera. That empty Corona bottle better not be from him, though.

Much like driving, directing should always be done sober unless said director is Sam Peckinpah. Drinking may have been an ugly demon he never quite won over, but that recklessness birthed timeless classics like The Wild Bunch and Straw Dogs. When stunts are as involved and dangerous as those in Fast and Furious, it is necessary for everyone on the set to be dry.

1 A Lovely View At Lunch

Fate of the furious cookout on a blue screened roof

Presented here is a typical family barbecue on a warm sunny day; beer, copious amounts of food, condiments, loved ones, an enormous fan, movie cameras, and a blue screen. Okay, some of those are pretty atypical of what a regular cookout entails, but that does not mean the heart and spirit of the festivity is absent.

This also serves as a reminder that it is not only the high octane action sequences that require special effects and post production magic.

These days, Hollywood movies use post production effects in the least expected of places.


What are your favorite moments from the Fast and Furious movies? Let us know in the comments!

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