15 Craziest Fast And Furious Stunts, Ranked

Massive Explosion Destroys Vehicles in Fate of the Furious

Taking first as the biggest box-office opening of all time, The Fate of the Furious is making enough money to fill a garage full of cars and then some. Whilst the film may have met some varied reviews, there’s no question that audiences are still keen to park themselves up for 2+ of Dominic Toretto defying the highway code as well as the laws of physics with the nothing but his brains and some carefully modified motors.

Now though, with the engine cooled and another family BBQ to see us into Fast and Furious 9, where does the newest installment fare in terms of the stunts that have come before it? There’s no denying every tire-screeching sequence contains all the necessary ingredients; manageable terrain to burn rubber on, a perfectly white wardrobe for Vin Diesel, a box full of walkie-talkies, and lots and lots of cars. Start your engines and see where your favorite sits as we count down the best stunts to hit the road so far. These are the 15 Craziest Fast And Furious Stunts, Ranked.

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15 Hundred-Car Garage   - 2 Fast 2 Furious

It might not have as much of an edge as its predecessor but director John Singleton definitely tries his best to deliver a close second with 2 Fast 2 Furious. More action, more driving, and understandably, more cars. One sequence in particular must’ve surely checked the boxes back when its main demographic cared about spinning rims.

After giving the Miami police department the run around for the day, Brian enlists the help of Tej (Ludacris) and initiates a shell game on an epic scale when he drives into one garage and hundreds of other drive out. You’ve got to give the scene points for coordination as an army of pimped-out rides overrun the Miami PD like a swarm of neon-colored ants, allowing time for our hero to get away and track down the villain in what’s the first of many ridiculously executed stunts.

14 Botched Job - The Fast and the Furious

As that tear-jerking tune goes, "we’ve come a long way, from where we began", but that’s not to say the crazy streak that’s stretched through the saga wasn’t present in the first Fast and Furious film. Back when a young Paul Walker and Vin Diesel kicked off their up-and-down bromance as the next Bodhi and Utah, this pair of speed demons on different sides of the law met on the race track and ended things with a high-speed heist gone bad.

As Furious stunts go, it’s easily the most tame of the lot, but that’s not to say it didn’t get the pulses racing way back when. Cutting things down to a bare minimum, director Rob Cohen constructs a dance down the highway as Dom and Letty steer around (and under) a truck they’re trying to hijack, only for Brian to save the day.

It’s a product of its time; a sequence that’s still following the tracks of the action flicks that came before it as our heroes jump to and from their moving target just in the nick of time, without a hair-raising score accompanying it. Diesel, Walker, and their rides bring the noise - and that’s more than enough.

13 Driving Off The Dock Of The Bay - 2 Fast 2 Furious

Despite proving that a Furious film can’t work without Diesel (see Tokyo Drift, if you really have to), John Singleton’s 2 Fast 2 Furious does as much as he can to raise the bar, even pulling out (as Tyrese Gibson’s Roman Pierce puts it), “some ‘Dukes of Hazzard' s—t.

For the second lap in the franchise, O'Conner is keen for redemption by any means necessary and not let his mark get away like the last time. With that said, when drug lord Carlos Verone (Cole Hauser) tries to evade capture, just calling the harbor police or a chopper to keep tabs on the drug lord's getaway might have been the best option. Of course, neither of those options would’ve led to O'Conner driving a car off a pier and landing on a boat.

It’s unnecessary, it’s unbelievable and it’s exactly the logic-denying standard that the series has become famous for, making it worthy of a slot amongst the best.

12 Gas Heist - Fast & Furious

Flashing its headlights in homage to the film that started it all, Fast & Furious kicks things off with a stunt not too dissimilar from the number 13 on our list, only with higher stakes and clearly a bigger budget. This is where the wheels begin to turn in the direction of the jaw-dropping, world-expanding series we’ve come to know and love.

Opening like a Bond film, but only if 007 had a thing for big bling and tight vests, we’re reunited with Dom and co., who set up a collection of cars to take one truckload at a time in a gear-shifting, automobile spectacular that runs as smooth as sand paper.

One thing worth noting is just how involved Michelle Rodriguez is as the fuel truck goes speeding down the road with her occasionally hanging from the back of it. It handles like a variation of the heist from the original but with some vastly improved driving. With Dom staying cooler than an ice fortress through the whole event (and built like one too), it makes for a great introduction to the steal on wheels that the saga finally embraces, with our gravel-voiced hero leading the way.

11 Skyscraper stunt - Furious 7

Lykan HyperSport jumping in Abu Dhabi in Furious 7

What’s better than driving a car through a building? Making that building a skyscraper, the car be a stupidly priced ride, and driving said ride through yet another building. Such is the tried and tested formula in Furious 7 ; clearly one heavily CGI shot after another, but it gets points for creativity.

After being told that their selected McGuffin in this chapter happens to be in a car (because of course it is), we know that as soon as Dom checks the interior, the car is going out the window. Add to that Statham’s Deckard Shaw entering the premises to kill the party vibe (and Dom, if he can get a bead on his target) and you’ve got easily one of the franchise’s most far-fetched sequences to date. It also ruins a perfectly good multi-million dollar sports car.

10 Panic On The Streets Of London - Fast & Furious 6

Driving on the wrong side of the road has never stopped the Toretto crew in the past, which is handy because they have to be at the top of their game when they head to London and try to chase down the deadly Owen Shaw (Luke Evans). Of course, as is the rules of every sequel, the danger gets greater, the villains get badder, and in the case of F&F, the car chases get even more insane.

Setting the pace and the competition they’re up against in Fast & Furious 6, Shaw’s drive round the streets of London makes it perfectly clear that our heroes have a rough ride ahead. No surprises really, given that the baddie is strapped into a super modified F1 car that is kitted out to flip any vehicle like a pancake, should they try to take it on.

It’s a special little sequence that leaves our heroes trying to dodge whatever falls from the aftermath of Shaw’s trail of destruction. Police cars go up and then come tumbling down around O'Conner and Toretto as they’re forced to weave in and out of something far more frustrating than London traffic.

9 Cars Don’t Fly - Furious 7

From using cars to bring down a plane in Fast & Furious 6 to using a plane to send down some cars, Furious 7 looks so unbelievable the challenge is determining the real from polished CGI. Turns out the act of throwing a bunch of suped up motors out of an aircraft really did need to be done, leading a squad of skydiving cameramen to go out after them. Blend that with some CGI and Tyrese Gibson screaming all the way down and you’ve got the beginning in a long line of stunts that make up the incredible Ramsey rescue mission.

Admittedly, some movie magic may have been applied to make it look like Dom and co. stuck the landing so well, but that doesn’t make their arrival onto the road anymore impressive. Originally the stunt team sent the vehicles down on zip-lines to land on the tarmac, before lining up and forming their own makeshift battering ram to clear the traffic, and the path to their destination. From there, the effort for breathing time is pointless, as O'Conner then boards the weaponized bus, throwing new crew recruit Ramsay from it and onto Dom's car.

8 Off The Bus, Brian - Furious 7

Hold on lads, Brian’s got an idea. If the image of a bus hanging off the edge of a cliff doesn’t make you picture The Italian Job, well, then give us the keys - you’re walking home. Another scene that demonstrates the unbelievable levels the franchise was getting to, Brian gets trapped on a overturned bus as it begins to etch further off the edge. If hanging from the free end wasn’t enough, he then proceeds to climb to the top and run as it starts falling to its doom, before Letty comes to his aid.

Maybe it’s the slo-mo and the gorgeous gloss that covers the scene, but we’d let it slide if you thought this was one CGI-tastic sequence. Turns out that having a Paul Walker stunt double climb onto, and jump from a battered bus in motion was 100% legit.

7 Missing The Train - Fast Five

Fast Five

Though it may have brought the original team back together, the world was in agreement that the series needed more than a cannister of NOS to reach new heights after Fast & Furious, and Justin Lin delivered it with Fast Five. The days of the street races are done, and instead the motto appears to be: if it can be driven, it can be destroyed in explosive cinematic fashion - starting with a train, a truck, and then wasting a perfectly good Corvette.

Originally intending to steal some rather nice wheels from a train commandeered by the FBI, Dom, Mia, and Brian hit a spot of bother when some no-good henchmen double-crosses them and leave the plan to go sideways.

This is the first stunt where every player is a piece in a heart-pounding sequence as our heroes spring from various modes of transport before they collide with one another. Without question, we know this is a game changer for the franchise and things are only going to get better from here.

6 The Wrecking Ball - The Fate Of The Furious

In what feels like a stunt they just had lying around from The Fate of the Furious, Tej remote wrecking ball is a brief little number from the latest entry in the franchise that still manages to impress. That’s how good this series has become when they can just throw stunts in just for the hell of it.

After being put into a corner and forced to betray his crew, Dom does one more job before stabbing them in the back. Almost like a reenactment of a Road Runner cartoon, the crew part to either side of the road as they receive help from above, and their pursuers are smushed into shiny, metal heaps. We then get another go as the ball swings back for seconds. Poetry in motorized motion.

5 Vault Chase - Fast Five

Of the four major set pieces that make the list from the masterful Fast Five, the vault chase is not only the most chaotic of the stunts, it’s also one of the finest of the entire series. It encapsulates the transition that Fast Five provided, with two heroes not competing on some neon-lit bit of tarmac, but working together to cause large-scale chaos.

At times, the stunt begs you to deny what you’re seeing, as Dom and Brian drag a safe, which looks to have the collective weight of a garden shed, through the streets of Rio De Janeiro. Of course, that is until it turns cop cars into tin foil and it permanently closes a bank. It’s highly-charged, breathtaking nonsense which makes it clear that the F5 button has been hammered down to refresh the series, setting it on a path of destruction that would revitalize the saga through at least four more movies.

4 Self-driving stand-off - The Fate of the Furious

A sequence that has had everyone talking since its release, Cipher’s "jacking" of half of Manhattan’s traffic to pile onto Dom’s target is a whole new level of ludicrous. Swerving round corners in droves, seeing this army of self-driving cars make the busy New York streets even more manic is an undeniable sign that this series can’t stop coming up with fresh and fantastic ideas to tear up the tarmac. Bashing cars together like anyone with a Hot Wheels set, the damage only grows as the spectacle unfolds. Then things get a damn sight cooler when Dom’s team attempt an intervention. Fail is obviously imminent.

Like a street-fight on wheels, the crew circle Dom in an effort to find out just what the hell is going on. Dom sizes up his befuddled buddies before launching them into each other and making his escape. The levels of belief stretch as much as the wire that’s holding our hero-turned-reluctant-villain in place, but that’s not to say it’s not incredibly fun when he breaks free. These guys really should turn their back on family more often.

3 Runway Chase - Fast & Furious 6

In the climax of Furious 6, Dom and co.  are busy trying to take down the world’s biggest aircraft as Owen Shaw tries to escape down the world's longest runway. The bad news for him of course, is that just isn’t going to happen.

Brilliantly handled by director Justin Lin, the final action-packed act sends us in a tailspin as we fly in and out of the biggest getaway vehicle that’s ever pulled into the franchise. As well as Tej, Roman, and the gang keeping the engine running and trying to clip Shaw’s wings, Dom and Hobbs join forces in a brutal tag team that fans were hoping to see ever since they first crossed paths in Fast Five.

Every second is one soaked in adrenaline and tension, and even heroes are lost along the way, like Gisele. The chase has got it all and rounds things off perfectly with Dom driving out of the front of a plane like an absolute boss.

2 Tanking It - Fast & Furious 6

Furious 6 Vin Diesel

Making it seem as if the F&F crew were now planning stunts from whatever they pulled out their toy box at the time, the tank chase is a moment in the Toretto timeline that still amazes fans, even now. Things start off well enough, as the crew try to run down Shaw’s convoy, who are aware that Dom is hot on their tail. Suddenly the truck Dom's is riding in falls apart, revealing that they do indeed "got a tank."

The stunt team behind this frenzied showdown on a Tenerife highway could’ve just stopped there; have the tank run over a few innocent automobiles before blowing up. Instead, Roman’s motor gets wedged on the front of this vehicular behemoth like a hood ornament and swings it off the road like a pendulum with a built-in cannon.

Putting aside the obvious green screen money shot of Dom catching Letty before crushing someone’s windshield (somethings we just can’t accept, sorry), this is another bar-raising stunt.

1 Submarine Chase - The Fate of the Furious

Fast and Furious Stunts

This stunt from The Fate of the Furious is utterly bonkers and beautiful all at the same time. It had our attention as soon as broke the ice in trailer way back when - that’s right, the crew vs. a submarine is one for the record books. Honorable mention must go to (spoilers) Statham’s Deckard Shaw handling babysitting duties whilst taking down an army of henchman aboard Cipher’s plane, but the real action is kicking off down below.

Besides the obvious element of the crew (minus Dom) being chased down by a frickin’ submarine, there’s an array of awesome moments to pick out that capture the uncontrollable spirit of this now gajillion-dollar franchise. Maybe it’s Roman using a Lamborghini door like a sled across the ice, or Dom driving over the unstoppable sub to divert a heat-seeking missile.


What's your favorite stunt from the Fast & Furious series? Let us know in the comments!

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