The Deadliest Fast And Furious Characters, Ranked

The Fast and the Furious began as a street racing-focused rip-off of Point Break, but it has since gone on to become one of the highest-grossing and most popular movie franchises of all time. Now, eight movies deep, audiences still turn out in droves to see the globe-trotting, death-defying adventures of Dominic Toretto and his crew.

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The characters in these movies jump cars between buildings and fall from the sky and punch people so hard they fly out of one moving car and into another. Each Fast & Furious character is more dangerous than the last. So, here are The Deadliest Fast & Furious Characters, Ranked.

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Mia’s conscience wouldn’t allow her to kill someone. She hates the idea of killing and fighting and gunplay. Played by Jordana Brewster in the movies, she’s the sister of Dom Toretto and mother of Brian O’Conner’s son and she barely lets them commit crimes, so forget about her ever committing them herself.

She turns a blind eye to her family’s work as mercenaries, but she would never get involved herself. She wanted nothing to do with the team’s revenge plot against Deckard Shaw. She did help out with the heist in Rio, but there was no killing involved in that.


Han Seoul-Oh in Fast and Furious

Sung Kang made such an impact in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift that he was brought back for all the prequels and sequels that followed, despite having been written as a one-off “cool guy” character. But as likable as he is, he’s one of the least deadly Fast & Furious characters.

If it hadn’t been for Gisele’s sacrifice, Han would be dead, so he’s not all that fearsome. He’s only deadly in the sense that he gets girls to fall so deeply in love with him that they’ll sacrifice themselves to kill you before they let you kill him.


Ludacris as Tej Parker in Fate of the Furious

Tej Parker, played by the rapper Ludacris, is not much of a physical character. He doesn’t get involved in any of the hand-to-hand combat and he doesn’t even get too heavily involved in the car-related action. Tej handles the technical side of things more than the physical side.

He is clearly shown to be streetwise, with connections all over the place and a very successful auto parts business, but he’s not a tough guy. If he was involved in a fight or some situation where he needed to kill someone, it’s hard to imagine him being able to do it.


Roman uses a vending machine in Fast And Furious

Despite being an ex-con who has served time in prison and rubbed shoulders with the criminal elite his whole life, Roman Pearce’s ineptitude is often the butt of every joke in the Fast & Furious franchise. He’s a childhood friend of Brian O’Conner’s, which is why they keep him around, but he’s not a particularly great fighter.

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But that doesn’t matter. All this guy needs to get out of trouble are his wits. According to Dom Toretto, Roman can “bulls**t his way through anything,” so he doesn’t need to be a deadly assassin to survive in the gang’s high-stakes world.


Large Dom Letty Fast Furious

This character is unkillable. She was thought to be dead, but really, all that happened was her car rolled over and she forgot a bunch of stuff about her life. The guy who was trying to kill her blew up her car as she crawled away from the wreck, sent her flying off the road in the ensuing explosion, and then presumed her to be dead.

But she wasn’t dead. After one of the greatest all-time post-credits teases, she came back with a vengeance. So, watch out for Letty. Even when you think you’ve killed her, you definitely haven’t killed her.


Furious 7 - Caleb Walker stand in for Paul Walker as Brian O'Conner

In typical action movie fashion, even when Brian O’Conner was an FBI agent, he wasn’t above breaking the law in order to solve a case, which made him a bit of a hypocrite. But when he stopped being a man of the law and started being a gun for hire to do the government’s dirty work, he seemed to find his niche.

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He wouldn’t have to stop breaking the law, he wouldn’t have to give up a life of danger, and he’d to get to hang out all day with his buddies. Brian might not be the most dangerous character in the Fast & Furious universe, but he’s far from the least dangerous.


Gisele is one of the strongest characters in the Fast & Furious universe, so it’s no surprise that she’s played by icon of female empowerment, Gal Gadot. She prides herself on one-upping the men in the team by using her attractiveness to her advantage.

She enjoys the fact that she can not only kick as much ass as the guys, but also get her enemies to let their guard down by distracting them. Gisele is one of the few characters in the Fast & Furious franchise to have bitten the dust, but she did it as a sacrifice, so it’s not a sign of weakness.


Luke Hobbs walks around carrying a minigun, taking down helicopters, and he once redirected a missile with his bare hands. This is the guy who flexed his way out of a cast when fate came calling, so yeah, he’s pretty tough. Hobbs is essentially a superhero. Remember when he was blown out of a window by a bomb, fell several stories, and landed on the roof of a parked car – and then lived to tell the tale.

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But he also coaches his daughter’s soccer team, so he’s a superhero in the loving parent sense, too. This man is indestructible. Nothing can stop him. He’s practically invincible. If you shot him in the head, he’d spit out the bullet.


Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto in Fate of the Furious

Dom Toretto places just higher than Luke Hobbs. It’s a close one, but in Fast Five, when Hobbs and Toretto got into a fight, Toretto won. He had Hobbs on the floor and he was ready to pummel his face in with a wrench before he was stopped by his sister begging him to be civil.

It’s odd to think back to a time when Toretto and Hobbs were at odds, since they’re now such close allies, but Hobbs began as an antagonist in his first movie. He’s come a long way since then, now gearing up for his own spin-off.


Jason Statham

This foe turned ally is a former Special Forces assassin. If he wants you dead, then pretty soon you’ll be dead. It’s probably a good thing that he’s on our heroes’ side now, because he’s an unstoppable force of nature. When he got into a game of chicken with Dom Toretto, each driving a car, he didn’t hesitate to smash into Toretto head-on and then emerged from the wreck with nary a scratch.

Plus, he’s played by Jason Statham, which bumps him right up the list. Statham is genuinely proficient in all of the fighting styles his character does, anytime.

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