Fast And Furious: 10 Strongest Characters (And 10 Worthless), Ranked

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The Fast and Furious franchise has grown leaps and bounds beyond fans' initial expectations. While the films initially focused on the underground street-racing circuit, it has evolved into a string of intensive heist films and centers around the outrageous characters and stunts with each passing movie. In looking back at the original Fast and Furious film, the craziest thing that happened was a car crashing into a wall. Now, if the film does not feature a plane crash or over-the-top explosion, it will not live up to the other films.

By continuing to introduce and evolve their characters, Fast and Furious films have been able to maintain their popularity, and although favorites like Dominic and Letty are still around, new characters like Hobbs and Shaw have become incredibly popular. Some of these popular characters have grown on fans because of certain stunts, while other characters are omitted from having such scenes. Let's face it, for most car stunts and other scenes, some characters would stick out like a sore thumb and should have no business being included in the situation. Although some say these specific characters are just as important to the film as a whole, some fans would only consider them as worthless. Perhaps a film needs a good balance of both characters? Whatever the case may be, the Fast and Furious films have no shortage of either of them. Here are the 10 Strongest Characters (And 10 Worthless), Ranked:

20 Strongest: Luke Hobbs

Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs in Fast and Furious 7

There is not a single person in the Fast and Furious universe that is stronger than Agent Luke Hobbs. In fact, there are few other characters in any movie that are stronger than Hobbs. The feats of strength that he has shown off on the silver screen is nothing short of amazing. Some (or most people) would even call them surprising.

Hobb's strength borders on super-human, as some actions that would harm a regular human hardly phase him (watching him stop an explosive torpedo with his bare hands certainly ranks near the top). Fast and Furious movies are well known for their share of intense stunts, but this one is certainly the most ludicrous. However, if there is one person who can pull off a character like this, it is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

19 Worthless: Agent Bilkins

For every superhero-cop like Luke Hobbs, there is someone like Agent Bilkins. While some may be ready to put up their dukes in a fight, Bilkins is the kind of cop who is much more comfortable behind a desk and staying out of the action. Bilkins is the type that would rather watch surveillance footage of a fight as opposed to participating in one. Considering that he has reached out-of-shape status as an aging officer, that is probably a good decision.

While Bilkins is certainly still a solid strategist and tactical officer, he has little to offer the force in terms of athletic ability. Perhaps he was able to keep up with criminals a long time ago, but he is not able to do so anymore.

18 Strongest: Dominic Toretto

Dominic Toretto in Fate of the Furious

Dominic Toretto lives his life a quarter mile at a time; however, he certainly makes frequent stops to pump iron along the way. Dom is one of the only characters in the Fast and Furious franchise to show his dynamic “lover and fighter” capabilities. He could be affectionate with his son Brian in one moment, and be fighting to the end with Owen Shaw in the other. However, no matter who he is facing, one thing is for sure: Dom will not quit.

While Dom may not be as physically imposing at Hobbs (but still plenty jacked), he has the strength to match. Did you ever see a regular human being deadlift a 3,000-pound Lykan Hypersport? Then it's time to re-watch Furious 7 to see just how strong he really is.

17 Worthless: Kamata

While not every character is physically strong, others make up for it in different ways. Kamata is a Yakuza crime boss who would likely be incredibly useless in a fight, but he still shouldn't be crossed. During his brief appearance in Tokyo Drift, Kamata is able to yield a lot of power as a crime boss, however, it also looks like a stiff breeze would blow him over.

Not everyone is physically imposing, but a certain amount of physical presence is required to intimidate opponents. Most onlookers appear to be much more intimidated by the thought of Kamata and his Yakuza instead of the man himself. Perhaps this is why Han has no issue with stealing from him or challenging his authority; but if given the choice, there are few characters that should be crossing him given the depth of his power.

16 Strongest: Deckard Shaw

Jason Statham

The strongest people do not necessarily need to talk the most. If that is true, then Deckard Shaw rightfully ranks among one of the strongest people in the Fast and Furious universe. The silent, yet dangerous, former militant is one of the most formidable foes that the group has ever faced. His pitbull-like mentality makes him very dangerous, and his skilled background makes him a very formidable fighter.

While Dom's crew are not formally trained combatants, Shaw has the ability to hurt his opponents in a variety of ways having learned certain tactics in the military. Not only is he incredibly strong and agile, but his pain tolerance is among the highest. He never seems to give up in a fight and he's even able to walk away from car crashes without showing any pain; not exactly someone to be messing around with.

15 Worthless: Leon

Out of the original members of Dom's original crew in The Fast and the Furious, only one person has never shown their face again. While Jesse and Vince have passed away, and Letty having rejoined the crew, Leon completely flew the coop. Despite being seen as a very loyal “family” member, he has never been seen again following the final truck heist that went wrong. Perhaps it is because Leon could not keep up with everyone else.

Leon is usually assigned the task of looking out for his group either at street races or during heists, but other than that, he doesn't usually play an active role in anything else. Given how quickly he ran away when things got tough for his group, this was likely a good role for him, otherwise, he may have ran away at an even more crucial time.

14 Strongest: Cipher

Not every villain needs to be physically strong to take on their enemies. In fact, some of the most dangerous ones never have to lift a finger to harm their opposition. Cipher shows her strength not in acts of violence, but as a tactician and strategist. She is always one step ahead of her enemies and that makes her as smart as she is ruthless.

While Dom's group utilizes strength and agility to take on their foes, Cipher relies on manipulating technology to do the work for her. Instead of getting her own hands dirty, she controls the world around her to take them out. The fact that she remains alive and at large is the most dangerous feat of all. In other words, she could be lurking around right now and the crew wouldn't even know it.

13 Worthless: Jesse

Some say that it's not about the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. While this may be true for some, it is not always true when it comes to underground street racing cliques. Jesse is one of the few characters that only appears in the first Fast and Furious film, due to his unfortunate end.

Each of the other characters in this series have faced their problems head-on, while Jesse skedaddled the moment he faced adversity against Johnny Tran. Other members like Dom and Brian would have dealt with the consequences of their actions, but Jesse was not able to, which in turn, sealed his own fate in the end.

12 Strongest: Gisele

As Gisele herself says, “You don't need to send a man to do a woman's job.” There is no truer statement when it comes to Gal Gadot portraying a street-smart substance courier. Gisele fits perfectly in Dom's crew based on her marksmanship, strength, and relentlessness. While initially a villain working against Dom, she joins his group after he describes her as someone who “isn't afraid to throw down.”

Gisele proves how capable she is in a fight whether it involves weapons or not, however, what makes Gisele strongest is her courage. She was willing to sacrifice herself for the ones she cares about, as well as the mission at hand. There are very few people who have the guts to do so, and this ranks her among the strongest.

11 Worthless: Johnny Tran

Johnny Tran wears tank top in Fast And Furious

The main villains of a movie need to be bad enough that it is believable when it comes to taking out the good guys. When looking back on the first Fast and Furious film, Johnny Tran is certainly not the most capable villain, as villains that come later in the series are much harder to take out. However, at the first sign of trouble from Dom's crew, Tran was able to be taken out with ease.

Tran may have been able to take out Jesse before Dom and Brian got to him, but he is only tough when brandishing a weapon. Dom is able to swiftly deal with him in a one-on-one encounter, and we think other members of the group could have done the same. Tran just did not have what it took to stand up to his enemies.

10 Strongest: Letty Ortiz

Letty Screams in Fate of the Furious

The Fast and Furious films are very good at portraying strong women. While the men can certainly hold their own in a fight, the women prove to be incredibly capable fighters and crew members. Out of all the other women who join Dom's crew, Letty may be the strongest of them all, and while each of the women on this list are strong, there is only one who was strong enough to come back from the afterlife.

Letty shows off her strength from the moment she is introduced as a member of the crew. She is smart, strong, and confident, and knows that she is tougher than any other street racer she comes into contact with. Those that are on her good side know that they are in a safe place, and that they should never cross her.

9 Worthless: Enrique (& Roberto)

Every criminal overlord needs mindless henchmen to take care of jobs for him. While Carter Verone is ruthless in dealing with his enemies, his hired goons are more like expensive statues. Enrique and Roberto may look imposing on the surface, but are unsuccessful at even the most basic tasks.

Enrique and Roberto's main task was to monitor Brian and Roman as they completed a job for Verone. Furthermore, under Verone's orders, they were to take them out once their mission was completed. Thankfully, Brian and Roman got wind of the plan and were able to get the drop on Verone's cronies first. Hired help must be very difficult to find these days, especially if these two bozos were hired.

8 Strongest: Mose Jakande

Speaking of hiring good help, Mose should be exactly what every villain aims for when bringing someone into the fold. As smart as he is ruthless, Mose is the most dangerous type of individual because he has no loyalty to anyone; he is a renegade for hire with his services available to the highest bidder. This means that his services could be employed by the most sinister person on Earth, and he would complete their tasks as long as he got paid.

While he was eventually taken out by Dom and Hobbs, he gave the group a run for their money. Instead of being another throw-away villain, Mose was very close to taking out some of the biggest Fast and Furious heroes.

7 Worthless: Mia Toretto

Strength like Dominic Toretto's can't be passed down to different family members, it has to be cultivated, and although Dom and Mia are from the same gene pool, it would be difficult to tell at first glance. While she has actively stayed separate from Dom's illicit activities for the most part, when she does get involved, it is never in a very physical way. Even if it isn't like Mia to back down from a fight, it's very likely that she won't come out on top.

Every mother and woman is strong in her own right, but there are certainly others who would fare better in a fight. While women like Letty have stuck by the crew during their ventures, Mia chose a different direction. It is admirable to take care of one's family, but it's something else to walk away and leave everyone behind.

6 Strongest: Kara

When a character is played by the current WWE Women's Champion, and a former UFC Champion, she will certainly be one of the strongest characters in her movie. While Ronda Rousey's Kara only appeared in one Fast and Furious movie, she made a big impact. As the personal bodyguard for Abu Dhabi royalty, it is her job to throw hands. While she did not come out on top in her battle with Letty, she took her to the absolute limit.

In a knock-down, drag-out brawl, Kara uses all her martial arts skills to subdue Letty. Letty's scrappy resourcefulness is not always a match for Kara's superior fighting skills, but she is finally able to get the better of her. As the Furious franchise continues to grow, this is a character that should return sooner rather than later.

5 Worthless: Roman Pearce

While Roman Pearce may not appear as a worthless member of the group, it's the case when he's compared to everyone else. When Pearce is standing beside someone who can lift an airplane's minigun, he is no longer the strongest person in the room. While his group is able to save themselves in dangerous situations, it seems like Pearce is always needing help.

Dom and Hobbs get to regularly show off their strength regularly, while Pearce does not have a big feat of strength to call his own. In fact, he is shown to even lose during basic altercations. In order to be a member of Dom's crew, shouldn't the prerequisite be that you can lift ungodly things? It seems that Pearce missed this part of the job interview.

4 Strongest: Tej Parker


In the world of underground activities, it is not just intense strength that counts as power. Tej's abilities under the hood of a car or in front of a computer screen makes him an invaluable asset to his crew. Without Tej, the group would not have been able to complete several of their missions. In fact, he has saved the lives of Dom, Brian, and Hobb on several occasions.

While he is mainly known for his behind-the-scenes actions, Tej has also proven to be a capable fighter. While other members have crumbled when put to the test of one-on-one combat, the normally reserved Tej was able to take out armed security on his own. Could it be that the combination of his skills have actually made him the most capable performer in the crew?

3 Worthless: Vince

It is safe to say that Dom's crew has upgraded since the first Fast and Furious film. In fact, the new additions to the team are some of the strongest he's ever had. Considering some of the feats that they have pulled off, it is difficult to imagine if his original crew could have excelled in similar situations. Considering that Vince was most well-known for leaving his crew behind, Dom certainly upgraded when he moved on.

When Vince was brought back into the fold, he was not able to keep up with his former crew, and even lost his life during his return mission. While his end was tragic, it is likely for the best that some of these members got weeded out.

2 Strongest: Brian O'Conner

Brian in prison in Fast & Furious 6

Apart from Dominic, Brian is synonymous with the Fast and Furious franchise. While he does not have ridiculous strength like his partners, he has more courage than anyone else. Beginning with him going undercover as a cop into the racing circuit, all the way to quickly climbing a falling transport truck, Brian is as capable as he is courageous. Brian will stop at nothing in order to achieve his goals, and seems to act first and think second. While this could lead to disaster, Brian has a way of turning things into lucky breaks.

While Brian has seemingly retired from a life of crime, he proved that he can hang with anyone else, and he does not need bulging muscles to be strong.

1 Worthless: Little Nobody

As far as government agents go, there must be tests that they need to go through to join the ranks. While it is easy to see how some agents made it, it is hard to tell about others, which is the case when it comes to Little Nobody. While other agents are willing to bend the rules to get the job done, this rookie seems married to the rulebook, and in the world of underground crime, his rules were made to be broken.

As a new agent in the field, he certainly has a lot to learn. When things start crumbling around him, he is unable to escape even the most basic of situations. In fact, his greatest contribution was stepping back and letting Dom handle things his way. Hopefully, his experience of working with people much stronger and more capable than him will change him for the better.


Are there any other characters stronger than Hobbs? Or more worthless than Little Nobody? Let us know in the comments!

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