Farrah Fawcett's 10 Most Iconic Characters, Ranked

Iconic actress Farrah Fawcett became well-known in the 1970s for her breakthrough role on Charlie's AngelsOriginally from Texas, Farrah ventured out to Hollywood in the 1960s and found some success with appearances on shows like I Dream of Jeannie and The Flying Nun, but achieved international fame on Charlie's Angels. 

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She went on to have several film and television appearances until her early death in 2009; a death coincidentally occurring on the same day as pop singer Michael Jackson. Nonetheless, Farrah left behind some iconic characters for us to keep watching for years to come; 10 of which we'll be naming here today.

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10 Jenny Moore

Perhaps not the most iconic role, but definitely an interesting one. In 1978's Somebody Killed Her Husband, Fawcett plays the wife of a murdered man. In a race against time, Jenny and her lover, played by Jeff Bridges, must find her husband's murderer before they are accused of the murder themselves. Set in New York City, the film has an interesting climax that takes place at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade of all places.

9 Jessie Dewey

In The Apostle, Farrah plays the cheating wife of a preacher, played by film legend Robert Duvall. Not only is Jessie cheating and refusing to reconcile with her husband, but she's also conspiring to have him removed from power. Fawcett gives a meaningful performance as the diabolical and vindictive ex-wife while Duvall's performance as the struggling preacher is equally in tune.

The two play well off each other, and ends with Jessie turning in her former husband for the murder of her lover that he had committed earlier in the film. Fawcett's performance rendered her a nomination for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female.

8 Margaret Bourke-White

Fawcett plays the title character in this 1989 television film. Double Exposure: The Story of Margaret Bourke-White is a biography of the famed photographer. Bourke-White was the first American female war journalist and one of her photographs was famously used on the cover of the first issue of Life Magazine. Considering this was a great opportunity in Farrah's career to play someone of such significance (and someone who was not famous for murder, fictional or otherwise), we had to place this performance on the list.

7 Marjorie

In 1986's Extremities, Fawcett plays badass Marjorie. After she is attacked, Marjorie manages to escape and goes to the police. Unfortunately, there's not much they can do. Marjorie believes she's still in danger, as her assailant took her purse. Her nightmare comes true when one day Joe, her attacker, struts into her home, and subjects her to physical and mental abuse.

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The tables turn however when Marjorie gets the upper hand and subjects Joe to the same tactics of torture he'd employed on her. When she's about to go too far, her two roommates talk her down, but Marjorie has regained her peace by the film's end as she allows her roommates to get the police.

6 Faucet

Yes, Faucet. Farrah ironically plays a character named Faucet in 1998's The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars, the third movie in The Brave Little Toaster franchise. Faucet is a soft, motherly character and an actual faucet in the kitchen of Rob and Chris, the "masters" of the appliances. Not only is Fawcett playing a character named Faucet, but her real-life son Redmond O'Neal was also cast in the film as Faucet's son Squirt, a kitchen-sink shower-head. Talk about a family affair.

5 Francine Hughes

In this 1984 television film titled The Burning Bed, Fawcett plays a battered wife who, after thirteen unlucky years as a victim of domestic abuse, pours gasoline around the bed as her husband sleeps and sets it on fire as their children wait for her in the car.

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The film subsequently covers Francine's confession to local police and her trial for first degree murder, in which the jury rules her not guilty because of temporary insanity. One of Fawcett's most powerful performances, the filmed earned her both an Emmy and Golden Globe nomination.

4 Farrah Fawcett

In a Johnny Bravo episode, Farrah voiced herself. The episode finds Johnny in search of Farrah's new shampoo for men when Little Suzy keeps interrupting him to get him to come to her party. Suzy insists Farrah will be there, as Farrah is her cousin. Johnny doesn't believe his neighbor until Farrah arrives in a limo, but it's too late: Suzy's already crossed him off the list. While Farrah's in the kissing booth, Johnny's scheming to find another way into the party and misses his shot to be Farrah's date for the night. Poor Johnny.

3 Diane Downs

Based on the true story of a mother who attempted to murder her children, Small Sacrifices finds Fawcett playing the twisted and evil woman in this 1989 made-for-television movie. In 1983 Oregon, Diane rushes to the hospital with a gunshot wound to her arm claiming an assailant attempted to steal her car and shot her and her three children.

Turns out, that was a massive lie. The film tells the story of who Diane truly is, and the justice that was served to this particularly depraved mother. Like her performance in The Burning Bed, Fawcett earned both Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

2 Pamela Glover "Beauty"

In 1981's The Cannonball Run Fawcett joined an all-star cast that undertakes an illegal cross-country road race. Fawcett's character is a tree-loving photographer that accidentally winds up a part of the race as part of Burt Reynolds' team, which includes Dom DeLuise and a disturbing doctor played by Jack Elam. Burt Reynolds' character calls her "Beauty", and the two strike up something of a romance while speeding cross-country. One of the most successful films of 1981, Fawcett's co-stars included Roger Moore, Jackie Chan and even Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. in the mix.

1 Jill Munroe

Who could forget the first blonde of the Angels? Jill, a graduate of the Los Angeles Police Academy, was one of the original members of Charlie's private detective agency. That is, until she switched careers to become a race car driver instead. Luckily, Jill came back in a recurring guest role in future seasons, and the character of Kris was her sister. Jill Munroe was something of a breakthrough role for Fawcett, garnering her international fame. We couldn't forget Jill Munroe in this list for that reason.

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